90 degree gearbox

S87 Helical Worm Gear Head

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90 degree gearbox Specifications

The features of it can be summarized as (1)helical-worm gear units are made of high strength cast iron; (2)Gear and gear shaft adapts the gas carbonization, quenching and fine grinding process, therefore the bearing capacity of unit volume is high; (3)Many installation such as flange, foot, hollow output shaft and can be added torque arm and other special accessories; (4)Under the condition of correct type chosen normal operation and maintenance, the life of main parts of speed reducer should not be less than 20000 hours; (5)The wearing parts include lubricating oil seal and bearing.

90 degree gearboxhelical-worm gear units

90 degree gearbox Technical data:

1,output torque:90-4000(N.m)

2,rated power:0.18-22(kw)

3,input speed:≤1500 (rpm)

4,output speed:≤146(rpm)

5,transmission ratio:≥10.27


7,install form:M1-M6

8,Model no. :S/SA/SF/SAF/SH/SHF(37/47/57/67/77/87/97)

90 degree gearboxhelical-worm gear units

S series helical-worm gear units are available in the following designs:
(1) S Foot mounted 90 degree gearbox with solid shaft

(2) SA  helical-worm gear units with hollow shaft

(3) SAZ  Small flange mounted 90 degree gearbox with hollow shaft

(4) SA (S,SF,SAF,SAZ)  Assemble users' motor or special motor, flange is required

(5) SF  Flange mounted helical-worm gear unitswith solid shaft

(6) SAF  Flange mounted 90 degree gearbox with hollow shaft

(7) SAT  Torque arm mounted helical-worm gear units with hollow shaft

(8) S (SF,SA,SAF,SAZ)   Shaft input 90 degree gearbox

(9) SA (S,SF,SAF,SAZ)R  Combined helical-worm gear units

(10) SA (S,SF,SAF,SAZ)S  Shaft input combined 90 degree gearbox

90 degree gearboxhelical-worm gear units90 degree gearboxhelical-worm gear units

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90 degree gearboxhelical-worm gear units