AC Gear reduction motors

R77 helical coaxial gear motor

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AC Gear reduction motor Features:

1.    Diverse mountings and installation positions

2.    Beautified appearance and lighter in weight

3.    Complete cast iron housing for best strength and reliability.

4.    Foot Mount is retro fit to SEW Eurodrive and comparable with Flender which mean that you could take off and replace with our inline gear reducer without any hassles

5.    Solid output shaft,average efficiency:2-stage 96%, 3-stage 94%, combination 85%

6.    Ratios for 2-stage is 5 - 20, ratios for 3-stage is 20 - 120, Combination ratios are also available which means higher ratios are also possible

7.   For 2-stage basic inline gear reducer, rotation direction of input shaft is the same that of output shaft;for 3-stage basic inline gear reducer, their directions are reverse

8.    Our AC Gear reduction motors has two input bearing support resulting in much superior radial loads capability

9.    Our special Input flange design means that you could easily install IEC or Nema flange motor

10.  No Additional charge for IEC or Nema input Flange, they come standard on our AC Gear reduction motors

11.  All our gears are made with the highest precision, as a result it is more quiet and efficient

AC Gear reduction motorsinline gear reducer

R77 series helical AC Gear reduction motors adopts hard teeth face cylinder helical gear transmission; It can realize the same axis(double-stage and three stage) and parallel axis transmission.

It's characteristics are:

1, Construction compact, save space for mounting, large load-bearing capacity and long life.

2, A little difference between transmission ratio rate, high transmission efficiency and low noise, block design, several rates can be combined together.

3, AC Gear reduction motors have two mounting form: foundation form and flange form, reducer is supplied with Y series electric motor, if customer need other types of motor, we can also supply to match. It's combination with variator or inline gear reducer can meet all kinds of speed requirement.

AC Gear reduction motorsinline gear reducer

AC Gear reduction motors  Technical data:



Output Rotation: 0.06~1090rpm

AC Gear reduction motorsinline gear reducerAC Gear reduction motorsAC Gear reduction motors

We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of AC Gear reduction motors . inline gear reducers are manufactured with output ranging from 0 -12 H. P. To 30 H. P. and speed ranging from 0.1 RPM. To 450 RPM. The complete series consist of Seven sizes of gear unit in two stage helical & Seven size of gear unit in three stage helical Each size with three or four motor frames & also (worm) right angle geared motors unit in Eight size with two or three motor frames & RPM.

inline gear reducerAC Gear reduction motors