In side of the bucket elevator case is evenly covered with hopper fixed on the flexible traction components, After the material going into the hopper, through the upward movement of traction components to achieve vertical lifting transport. The bucket elevators are designed for vertical (eg TD / TH / NE type bucket elevators) or inclined transport (such as T / L type dehydrated pit type bucket elevator) to transport  the powder, granule and small block materials. transport capacity up to 600t / h, generally enhance the height of less than 40m; in recent years due to the development of steel cord conveyor belt, so greatly enhance the strength of traction components, transmission capacity has reached to 1600t / h, lifting height of 80m (such as TDG type high efficiency bucket elevators). At present, most of the domestic general bucket elevator is vertical, the inclined bucket elevator is less used due to the structure of inclined bucket elevator is more complex.

flender gearboxGear units used for bucket elevator

The advantages and disadvantages of bucket elevator:

1, the structure is simple and compact, the dimensions of cross-sectional form factor is small, significantly saving floor space.

2, the height of lifting is large, the small bucket to mention a large bucket of aircraft for quantitative material feeding oversea, the delivery height can reach to 350m.

3, the material in the sealed box to run, avoiding pollution of the environment.

4, the bucket elevator is great sensitivity of overload.

5, hopper and traction components are easy to wear.

6, the type of transport materials are limited.

The following gearboxes are used for bucket elevator:

1.PV series V type right angle helical bevel gearbox 

(equivalent to SEW brand HB series B type)

Gear units used for bucket elevatorGear box bucket elevator

2. ZQ / JZQ series soft gear face cylindrical reducer

Gear reducer bucket elevatorGearbox bucket elevator

3. XB series cycloidal gearbox

Gear box bucket elevatorbucket elevator

4. auxiliary gear motor in the bevel helical gear unit.

Gear box bucket elevatorspeed reducer bucket elevator

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