C-Adapter gearbox

R97 inline helical gearbox

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Series R97 C-Adapter gearbox Advantages

Competitive Displacement Product Offering

Designed with critical dimensions equivalent to select competitive gear drives

Enhanced performance

High torque with ratings in accordance with standards provide long life and potential downsizing

Tested to an effective 25,000 hours. Proven ratings vs theoretical

C-Adapter gearbox

Design Flexibility

Multiple mounting surfaces for more application flexibility

Variety of output shaft diameters available for quick delivery

Variety of input styles including NEMA and IEC C-FACE motor mounts

Fast and Easy Installation

Unique mounting registers for quick, precision alignment

Low Maintenance

Automatic entrapment of wear debris for longer life

Unique rounded surfaces allow for easier cleaning

Premium acrylic paint emulsion pigmented with alloy 316 stainless steel flake

provides high corrosion & abrasion resistance for long term durability

Integrated O-rings at mounting interfaces provide high leak and ingress resistance

Large diameter oil fill/drain holes for fast oil changes

Synthetic lubrication extends gear life

C-Adapter gearboxC-Adapter Motor Connection

C-Adapter Motor Connection Application Examples:

Industrial Conveyor

Industrial Washer/Dryer Machines

Wind Energy Turbines

Food Processing Equipment

Progressive Cavity/

Positive Displacement Pumps

Wire and Cable Reeling

C-Adapter Motor ConnectionC-Adapter gearboxC-Adapter Motor ConnectionC-Adapter gearbox

We supply modern drive solutions for all industry sectors where material must be moved. 

Through their robustness, compact and efficient design the C-Adapter gearbox stand for long lifetime and powerful duty under hard working conditions. 

The simple and cost effective installation, the minor service necessity and the high efficiency reduce costs throughout the whole life of the drive.

Robust, compact and efficient 

The C-Adapter Motor Connection provide a long service lifetime and dependable performance even in the most challenging working environments. 

The simple, cost effective installation, minimal maintenance requirements and the high efficiency reduce costs throughout the whole life of the drive. 

The C-adapter provides a cost effective, low backlash and installation space optimized adaptation of standard IEC and NEMA motors. All with the legendary Bauer quality.

C-Adapter Motor ConnectionC-Adapter gearbox