B5 flange gear reducer

RF57 inline helical gearbox

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combined helical gearbox introduction

R series combined helical gearbox adopts hard teeth face clinder helical gear transmission;It can realize the same axis(double-stage and three stage) and parallel axis transmission.

combined helical gearbox characteristics are:

1.Construction compact,save space for mounting,large load-bearing capacity and long life.

2.A little difference between transmision ratio rate,high transmission efficiency and low noise,block design,several rates can be combined together.

3.Reducer has two mounting form:foundation form and flange form, B5 flange gear reducer is supplied with Y series electric motor,if customer need other types of motor,we can also supply to match.Its combination with variator or gear reducer can meet almost all kinds of speed requirement.

combined helical gearboxB5 flange gear reducer

R helical B5 flange gear reducer

R helical combined helical gearbox are novel transmission device and composed of Y series motor, helical gear, Glisten arc cone gear and warm gear. The gears are made of high wear-resisting alloy materials, specially treated and finely processed.

R helical combined helical gearbox can be single-stage or multi-stage with both mounting ways foot-mounted and flange-mounted. For high output speeds, the exclusively single-stage gear units RF37-RF177 offer compact solutions for your system design.

combined helical gearboxB5 flange gear reducer

R helical  combined helical gearbox is based on the unique modulation combination system, so it is convenient for them to fit all types of motors or to connect with other power input. The same type of reducer can fit motors with different power, so that its possible for different types of machines to combine or connect.

combined helical gearboxcombined helical gearboxB5 flange gear reducerB5 flange gear reducer 

Hot sales B5 flange gear reducer inline helical gearbox , is widely used for mechanical transmission such as:

1. Agriculture

2. Commerce

3. Posts and telecommunications industry

4. Food industry

5. Tobacco industry,

6. Automotive industry

7. Cement industry

8. Mining industry

9. Tourism industry etc.

combined helical gearboxB5 flange gear reducer