Concentric gear drive

RF27 inline helical gearbox

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Concentric gearbox Characteristics

1.R series Concentric gearbox are based on the building block design,so it's vonvenient for them to fit all types of motors or to connect with  other power input.The same type or can fit motors with different power,so that it's possible for different types of machines to combine or connect.

2.High transmision efficiency for Concentric gearbox.A single machine can reach a transmission efficiency as much as 96%.

3.Precise division of transmission ratio of  Concentric gear drive with a wide rage.The combination of machines can produce a larger transmission ratio at a low output rotate speed.

4.Various ways of installation fo rConcentric gearbox.Horizontal installation at any position or flanged installation.

Concentric gear driveconcentric gearbox


Concentric gearbox Technical parameters

1. Concentric gear drive Speed reducing ratio: 1.3-21342

2.  Concentric gear drive Average efficiency:

- Two-stage: 96%

-Three-stage: 94%

- Combination of RR: 85%

3. Concentric gear drive Output torque: up to 18000 Nm

4.  Concentric gear drive Motor power: 0.12-160Kw

concentric gearboxConcentric gear drive

Concentric gear drive Working Environment

1.Concentric gearbox working temperature:-40°C~50°C(The lubrication should be heated until above 0°C if the machine works below 0°C).

2.The altitude of Concentric gearbox working place should be lower than 1,000 meters.

3.The input rotate speed of Concentric gearbox  should not exceed 1,800rpm. The circumferential speed of the gear should not exceed 20 m/s.

4.Suitable for normal-reverse rotation.

5.Without industry limatation.

6.Please consult our technical supporting department for other circumstances.


concentric gearboxConcentric gear driveConcentric gear driveconcentric gearbox


Concentric gear drive Usage


2.Blast fan



5.Petroleum industry

6.Air Compressor


8.Plastic extruder


10.Textile industry

concentric gearboxConcentric gear drive