cycloidal gear reducer

XLD12 cycloid planetary gear

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Cyclo Overhead Drive characteristics 

1. XLD12-59-45 KW has solid shaft output, hollow shaft output and contract disk hollow shaft output,which can be installed horizontally , vertically. Cyclo Overhead Drive is made of high strength quality alloy steel through quenching and possesses high efficiency and long life gear .Othermore, XLD12-59-45 KW can bear large axial and radial load.Features is low in run noise, high in reliability, compact and so on.

2.The housing of one size Cyclo Overhead Drive can realize parallel shaft,right-angle shaft modes and horizontal,vertical mounting modes.Variety of components is reducible, the number of reducer's mode is augmentable.

Cyclo Overhead DriveXLD12-59-45 KW

3.Sound-absorbable structure, lager surface, big fan reduce temperature and noise, advanced grinding process of cylindrical gear and bevel gear improve stability and transmit power more efficeintly for XLD12-59-45 KW.

4. Cyclo Overhead Driveinput mode : motor connected flange ,shaft input.

   XLD12-59-45 KW output mode: solid shaft with flat key, hollow shaft with flat key, hollow shaft with shrink hollow or solid shaft with involute splines , solid shaft with flange.

5. Cyclo Overhead Drivemounting mode: Foot-mounted, flange-mounted, swing base-mounted, torque-arm-mounted.

Cyclo Overhead Drive

XLD12-59-45 KW detailed parameter:

 1. Cyclo Overhead Driveoutput speed(Rpm): 11-167

 2. XLD12-59-45 KW output torque(Nm):80-22000

 3. Cyclo Overhead Drivepower(Kw): 0.18-55

 4. XLD12-59-45 KW range of Ratio for Single Stage: 9,11,17,23,29,35,43,59,71,87

 Cyclo Overhead Drive range of Ratio for Multi-Speed Drive:


XLD12-59-45 KWCyclo Overhead DriveXLD12-59-45 KWCyclo Overhead Drive

Safety Packing Method of XLD12-59-45 KW

1.Inside :Plastic bags with Chemical Desiccant For Gear Housing  

2.Middle :Individual Carton packaging  

3.Outside :Wooden Box 

XLD12-59-45 KWCyclo Overhead Drive