Helical bevel gear speed reducer

Types of DBY gearboxes

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1.Helical bevel gear speed reducer General Introduction:

Cone cylindrical engineering gearboxes are the outer meshing gears transmission structure of input and output axis in vertical state, the main transmission parts adopt high quality alloy steel to manufacture.Gears are manufactured by processes of carburization, quenching and grinding to reach 6 degree precision.Helical bevel gear speed reducer has the advantages of high loading capacity, long life, small volume, high efficiency and light weight, etc.

The standard number of this series engineering gearboxes is JB/T9002-1999, which is our country's generation substituting product. Helical bevel gear speed reducer can replace SS type vertical shaft speed reducer and ZQ, ZL old type speed reducer, and so on. Also it can replace the same type speed reducer imported from foreign countries. 

 engineering gearboxesHelical bevel gear speed reducer

2.1 Helical bevel gear speed reducer Usage

Cone cylindrical  engineering gearboxes (Hereinafter referred to as speed reducer), which use in the rotating equipment for input and output shaft in vertical direction layout. Helical bevel gear speed reducer mainly used in belt conveyor and other conveying equipment, engineering gearboxes also can be used in metallurgy, mine, chemical engineering, coal, building materials, light industry, petroleum, and other general machinery. 

2.2 Scope of Application

2.2.1 The maximum input speed of  engineering gearboxes should be no larger than 1500r/min;

2.2.2 The peripheral speed of gear should be no larger than 20m/s;

2.2.3 The ambient temperature is -40~+45°C. When ambient temperature is lower than 0°C,the lubrication should be heated before starting.

 engineering gearboxesHelical bevel gear speed reducer engineering gearboxesHelical bevel gear speed reducer

3. Helical bevel gear speed reducer Type and Models:

Singel-stage:  DBY160, DBY180, DBY200, DBY224, DBY250, DBY280, DBY315, DBY355, DBY400, DBY450, DBY500, DBY560

Two-stages:  DCY160, DCY180, DCY200, DCY224, DCY250, DCY280, DCY315, DCY355, DCY400, DCY450,  DCY500, DCY560, DCY630, DCY710, DCY800

 engineering gearboxesHelical bevel gear speed reducer