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R37 helical gearbox

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Based on modular combined system, we are inline helical gearbox manufacturer who design and develop all kind series gearbox, which is the most common and advanced transmission device nowadays among international power transmission industry, with our strict quality criteria and quality control, we try our best to provide SEW-EURODRIVE standard and quality gearboxes with low coat, replace their product in the field of drive engineering.

With the input flange of the gearbox, it can connect the electric motor. both AC motor and DC motor is well. R37 series gear reducer has many reduction ratio which coupled with electric motors from 0.18kw to 200KW. Oil seal of this gearbox is SKF brand which has a good performance to stop oil leak. Th bearing in the gear reducer has long service life to the industry application. 

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R37 series helical gear reducer is designed based on modularization, which bring many difference kinds of combinations, mounting types, and structure designs.The detail classification of ratio can meet various of working condition .High Transmission efficiency ,Low energy consumption, superior performance . The hard tooth surface gear use the high quality alloy steel,  the process of carburizing and quenching, grinding ,which give it follow characters : Stable transmission , low noise and temperature, high loading ,long working lift . Wide application, specialize in Metallurgy, Sewage treatment, Chemical Industry, Pharmacy, Agriculture equipment and Oil industry

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Q1: What information should I tell you to confirm the product?

A: Model/Size, Transmission Ratio, Shaft directions & Order quantity.

Q2: What can i do if I don't know which one I need?

A: Don't worry, Send as much information as you can, our team will help you find the right one you are looking for.

Q3:What is your product warranty period?

A:We offer one year warranty since the vessel departure date left China.

gearboxgear reducer

Housing Material


High-strength cast iron

Gear Material


Input Power


Output Torque


Output Speed


Gear Accuracy

7 to 6 level

Surface Hardness of gear


Input/output shaft material


Input/output shaft hardness



Single stage 998%, Double-stage: 96%, Three-stage: 94%



Tem.rise (Max)


Tem.rise (Oil Max)







IP54, F class

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