electric motor speed reducer

K87 helical bevel geared motor

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Gear reduction motor Features

We are the leading manufacturer specialized in designing and manufacturing different kinds of gear reduction motor in China. Manufacturing according to the ISO9001:2008 quality control system guidelines. We help our customer develop special gearbox for their application and OEM service offered.

The tooth profile of K87 flange input solid shaft output gear reduction motor with motor is an arc, and the series has feature of large overlap coefficient, high loading capacity, even abrasion, low noise and smooth transmission, which is suitable for transmitting rotation between two intersecting axis.

electric motor speed reducerelectric motor speed reducer

Description of Helical Bevel Gear Motor:

1. Same dimensions as SEW's.  

2.A combination of helical and worm gear units, compact structure and large ratio

3.Mounting mode:  Foot-mounted, flange-mounted or torque arm- mounted.

4.Input mode:  Coupled motor, belted motor, input shaft or connection flange

Rotary directions of input and output are opposite

5.Output mode: Hollow shaft or solid shaft

gear reduction motor

right angle gear drive Technical Parameters

Input power:0.18-200KW

Output speed:0.13-259r/min

Usableness torque:not less than 50,000N.m

K87 series electric motor speed reducer uses two pairs of helical gears and one pair of spiral bevel gear for transmission, making input and output a right angle. Featured by spiral bevel gear transmission, large superposition coefficient, robust bearing force,

steady and reliable transmission. Gears use alloy steel cement quenching, characterized by high hardness and sound abration resistance. Its structural types

can be combined with R and F series for output, with low speed and large torque.

electric motor speed reducergear reduction motor

electric motor speed reducer application

it is most suitable for using in automatic production lines of ceramics, drinks, foodstuff, package, electronics, leather tanning, chemical, textile, carpentry and other industries.

electric motor speed reducergear reduction motorelectric motor speed reducergear reduction motor