helical gear motor

R47 helical coaxial gear motor

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helical gear motor Advantages: 

1:Compact design, small volume, nice appearance and strong capacity of being overloaded.

2:percise division , wide selection range. 

3:High efficiency, low energy consumption, excellent function, small vibration, and low noise.

4:All - purpose use, convenient, low cost maintenance. 

5:R47 series helical gear motor can match all kinds of motors/mounting position/structure projects. 

6:Using new seal device-good protection , stong adaptability, capable of working continually in corrosive or damp environment.  

7:With small volume, helical gear motor achieves the output torque range of 69-18000NM, and output power as much as 200 KW.

helical gear motorinline speed reducer

R47 inline speed reducer Working Conditions

Working temperature: -40~50°C. the lubrication should be heated until about 0°C if the machine works below 0°C.

The working place should be lower than 1,000 meters above sea level.

The input rotational speed should not exceed 1800 r/min. The circumferential speed of the gear should 

not exceed 20 m/s.

Suitable for normal-reverse rotation.

Without industry limitation.

Please consult our technical supporting department for other circumstances. 

inline speed reducerhelical gear motor

Model Power P transmission ratio  Rotate speed Output torque T 
(kW) (i) N(RPM) (N. m)
NCJ02 0.12-0.37 - - -
NCJ03 0.12-0.75 8-200 175-7 300
NCJ04 0.25-1.5 8-200 175-7 500
NCJ05 0.55-4 8-200 175-7 750
NCJ06 1.1-7.5 - - 1350
Mait parts Gear,Gear shaft
Maint parts material 20CrMnTi
Oil Seal Brands NSK/TTO/Designated Seal,such as fluoride rubbers
Lubrication 6105G
Mounted type flange mouted(NCJF),foot mounted(NCJT)
Feature Small Volume, high efficiency up to 96%,maitenance free


helical gear motor

inline speed reducerR47 inline speed reducer Applications:

1.   Conveyor machinery

2.   Craning

3.   Bagger

4.   Enginery for foot industry

5.   Washer

6.   working machine

7.   Cropping & shearing machine

8.   woodworking machine

9.   Machines for plastic industry

10 Ceramic Industry

11 Glass Industry

12 Food Industry

13 Me1tallurgy Industry

14 Beer& Drink Industry

15 Printing and dyeing Industry

16 Textile Industry

17 Warehouse Logoistics Industry

18 Wood working Machinery

19 environmental protection equipment Industry

20 Leather Industry

21 Pharmacy Industry

helical gear motorinline speed reducer