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R167 iec flange adapter

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helical gearbox adapters are used for mounting motors built according to the IEC standard or NEMA(design C or TC) on to helical, parallel shaft helical, helical-bevel and helical-worm gear units. helical gearbox adapters for NEMA motors are available for sizes 56 to 365. Adapters for IEC motors are available for sizes 63 to 280.

The designation of the adapter size corresponds to the relevant NEMA or IEC motor size.

Torque is transmitted between the motor and the inline helical reducers via a positive shock resistant jaw-type coupling. Vibrations and shocks which occur during operation are cushioned by an inserted polyurethane annular gear.

helical gearbox adaptersinline helical reducers

Features of inline helical iec flange adapter

- helical gearbox adapters are designed for continuous duty under difficult operating conditions.

- Gears are case carburized to a hardness of 58 - 62 HRC for durability.

- Gear case and flanges of high strength gray cast iron.

- Available in Foot mounted or flange mounted options robust cast iron housing

-gearing meets up to date international high standards

-wide selection of motors and brake-motors including inverter

-inline helical reducers available for harsh environments

-integrally cast foot or flange designs

-sleek design for easy cleaning all bearings selected to provide long and trouble-free operation

-high quality sealing for enhanced leakage-protection

-output side is integral part of the housing, no bolt-on output cover to cause leakage or gear-misalignment

helical gearbox adaptersinline helical reducers

inline helical iec flange adapter Description:

High durability, high load bearings for trouble-free operation and maximum load capacity.

Hardened and ground helical gears for maximum power transmission, long life and quiet operation with maximum efficiency.

High load, output shaft made of high-strength steel for maximum load.

Designed as European standard - interchangeable without any constructional modifications with products of leading European manufacturers.

helical gearbox adaptersinline helical reducersinline helical reducershelical gearbox adapters

Modular concept - easy to adjust to various applications.

Wide range of outputs - full range of output levels.

High load as standard - possible load with high parameters.

Double-reduction triple-reduction - versatile use of various gear ratios.

Possible connection of standard IEC electric motors using B14 or B5 flanges - wide range of IEC electric motors at various price levels.

Minimum and easy maintenance.

inline helical reducershelical gearbox adapters