Coaxial helical gear units

R37 helical coaxial gear motor

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coaxial gear motor are also called helical or Coaxial helical gear units because the input shaft and output shaft are inline to each other. They can be single, double, triple or even quadruple reduction to achieve the desired ratio and output speed. Efficiency can be as high as 99% per stage of reduction so it is always a more energy efficient gear motor than right angle worm gear motors. Because its efficiency is not lost as heat, as it is in a right angle worm gear motor, more of the motors input horsepower is transferred to the output shaft.

Coaxial helical gear unitscoaxial gear motor

Coaxial helical gear units Products overview:

1, R series coaxial gear motor with international technical requirements manufacturing, has the very high technology content

2, save a space, reliable and durable, bear overload ability, power can reach high 132KW;

3, low energy consumption, superior performance and reducer efficiency of over 95%;

4, little vibration, low noise, energy-saving high;

5, select high-quality forging steel materials, cast iron box, gear surface rigidity by high-frequency heat treatment;

6, precision machined, ensure shaft parallelism and positioning bearing requirements, form helical gear transmission assembly equipped with various reducer Class motor, combination becomes electro mechanical integration, fully guarantee the product quality characteristics.

Coaxial helical gear units

Feature: Small off-center output and compact struture, maximum utilization of housing space, integral casting housing with a good rigidity to enhance the shaft strength and service lift of bearings.

Installation type: Foot, flange

Output type: Solid shaft

Input type: Motor, input shaft and flange

Reducing ratio: Two-stage 5-24.8, three-stage 27.2-264, and combination of EWR/EWR gearbox is up to 18125

Average efficiency: Two-stage 96%, three-stage 94%, and combination of EWR/EWR gearbox is 85%

Specifically designed for mixing EWRM gearbox can bear more axial force and radial force.

coaxial gear motorCoaxial helical gear units

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R series coaxial gear motor SEW type Chinese analogue , is widely used for mechanical transmission such as:

1. Agriculture

2. Commerce

3. Posts and telecommunications industry

4. Food industry

5. Tobacco industry,

6. Automotive industry

7. Cement industry

8. Mining industry

9. Tourism industry etc.

coaxial gear motorCoaxial helical gear unitsCoaxial helical gear unitsCoaxial helical gear units

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