coaxial gearbox with electric motor

R147 helical coaxial gear motor

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Helical inline geared motor Benefits:

1. OEM in helical inline gearbox and can meet all you demands. 

2. With quality warranty of helical gearbox for electric motor.

3. Inline geared motor is with long service life because it is with coaxial electric motor and easy to maintenance work. 

4. Strong capacity of being overloaded as it is with inline industrial gearboxes.

5. Precise division , wide selection range on the coaxial gear-motor.

6. All- purpose use, convenient, low cost maintenance.

Precise division and wide selection range for transmission ratio in inline gearbox.

7. Coaxial gearbox is with High efficiency, low energy consumption, excellent function, small vibration, and low noise.

8. R series helical inline geared motor gear can match all kinds of motors/mounting position/structure projects. 

9. Compact design, small volume, nice appearance and strong capacity of being overloaded inline helical gearbox design.

10. With small volume, helical inline gearboxes achieves the output torque range of 69-18000NM, and output power as much as 200 KW.

11.Using new seal device-good protection , strong adaptability, capable of working continually in corrosive or damp environment.

coaxial gearbox with electric motor

Helical inline geared motor Features

1,highly standard modular designed according to international standard;

2,high precision, high efficiency, fine classification in transmission ratio;

3,It's wide range, large transmission torque and coaxial helical gearbox.

4,reliable performance, low noise inline gear motor.

5,flexible installation, and convenient use and maintenance. 

Helical inline geared motorscoaxial gearbox with electric motor

coaxial gearbox with electric motor Application:

It is applied to many industrial area, such as Metallurgical, mines, lifting, transportation, petrochemical, construction, textile, pharmaceutical, food, environmental, light electric, plastic machine, paper, parking equipment and also helical inline geared motor in mining industry etc. Especially for Light Industry.

More information of R series helical gearbox:
coaxial gearbox with electric motor Mounting type:

 Foot-mounted Flange-mounted Foot-mounted and 
Shaft In-put
Flange-mounted and 
shaft Input
Specially for stirrer

coaxial gearbox with electric motorcoaxial gearbox with electric motorHelical inline geared motorsHelical inline geared motors
coaxial gearbox with electric motor Material:

gearbox body modular cast iron with high strength 
gear and axis alloy steel products with hight quality

Helical inline geared motors Processing method:

Materials forging, grinding
End Products heat treatment

Helical inline geared motorsHelical inline geared motors