helical reduction gear motor

RF137 helical inline gearmotor

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The helical reduction gear units is normally vertically mounted to the agitator tank. In addition to transmitting torque, it also absorbs the axial and radial loads that occur as a result of the application's specification. helical reduction gear motor for agitator drives have a reinforced output shaft and rolling-contact bearings for this purpose.

Sometimes the axial loads to be absorbed are higher still. In this case, Siemens can supply helical reduction gear motor solutions with an additional thrust bearing.

helical reduction gear motorhelical reduction gear units

helical reduction gear motor Advantages

High operational reliability

Reinforced bearings

Optional, force-free gear housing thanks to additional thrust bearing

Customized versions possible, special flange on the output side for mounting to the agitator

Extra-strong output shafts (solid- or hollow-shaft design)

Output bearing arrangement with additional, bidirectional thrust bearings

helical reduction gear motorhelical reduction gear units

Feature of helical reduction gear units:

(1) The building block design.

(2) Housing is unitary, structure rigidity is good.

(3) Fit all types of motors.

(4) For different type machines.

(5) Ratio: 2-stage is 5~24.8, 3-stage is 27.2~264, ratio of combination is up to 28000.

(6) Solid shaft output, 2-stage efficiency 96%, 3-stage efficiency 94%, DF/DR efficiency 85%.

(7) Permit the positive opposite side revolve.

helical reduction gear motorhelical reduction gear motorhelical reduction gear unitshelical reduction gear units

Product advantage of helical reduction gear units: 

(1)Large ratio range

(2)High transmissible efficiency: The transmissible efficiency can reach above 90%

(3)Small volume, light weight

(4)Stable quality, low temperature rising, low noise

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helical reduction gear unitshelical reduction gear motor