helical worm gear reducer

S97 helical worm gear motors

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helical worm gearmotors overview:

1, S helical worm gearmotors has the very high technological content, helical gear and worm gear and worm in a transmission, improve the machine torque and efficiency. This series of products are complete in specifications, wide speed range, high universality, adapt to a variety of installations, safe and reliable long life performance, implement the international standard requirements.

2, the body surface concave and convex have heat dissipation effect, strong vibration absorption, low temperature rise, low noise.

helical worm gearmotorshelical worm gear reducer

3, the machine good seal performance, strong adaptability to the work environment.

4, this machine high driving accuracy, especially adapt to work in places that have requirements of frequent start, can connect all kinds of reducer and configure various types of motor drive, can be installed in a 90 - degree transmission operation position.

Five key components, the motor adopts high wear-resisting material, and pass by special heat treatment, with high machining precision, stable transmission, small capacity big, long service life, etc.

6, the speed reducer, various types of motor can be configured to form the mechanical and electrical integration, fully guarantee the quality of the products use features.

helical worm gearmotors

helical worm gear reducer Application

S series helical worm gear reducer with low price gearbox prices can modular compose with other reducers and variator, get a large reduce ratio drive and variation. Therefore it is applied to many industrial areas, such as Metallurgical mines, lifting transportation, petrochemical construction, textile, environmental, light electric, plastic machine, parking equipment and so on.

helical worm gear reducerhelical worm gearmotorshelical worm gearmotorshelical worm gear reducer

Parameter of helical worm gear reducer

Motor power: 0.18~22kw 

Output speed: 0.1~120rpm 

Output torque: up to 10200Nm 

Output Ratio:10.28/1~230.48/1 

Input form: directly connected with motor, flange input or shaft input. 

Installation Form: Horizontal, Vertical,horizontal type bottom threaded hole, case end face threaded hole installation,small flange installation,torque arm installation,case end face male half coupling installation

helical worm gear reducerhelical worm gear reducer