coaxial shaft motor reductor

R67 helical coaxial gear motor

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With the serialization and modularization design concept, Our series Inline Geared Motor have the advantage of wide scope of application, multiple modular combination and precision reduction ratios. 

coaxial shaft motor reductor

Inline Geared Motor Advantages

High operational reliability

Reinforced bearings

Optional, force-free gear housing thanks to additional thrust bearing

Customized versions possible, special flange on the output side for mounting to the agitator

Extra-strong output shafts (solid- or hollow-shaft design)

Output bearing arrangement with additional, bidirectional thrust bearings

These series coaxial shaft motor reductors with different drive solutions can be assembled in millions of configurations, which can meet different applications and satisfy requirement of all customers. In order to guarantee the high performance of helical gear product, we adopt CAE optimal design to the body of the product, unique noise reduction design to the gear and various leak-proof technologies. At the same time, we use high quality material, CNC processing equipment and strict quality control in each production procedure to ensure the quality and reliability of products.

coaxial shaft motor reductorcoaxial shaft motor reductor

IEC, NEMA C, B14 and B5 adapter

Compact space saving design

Simple installation

Motor coupling

Low bearing loading (long bearing life)

Low weight

Finally we also provide coaxial shaft motor reductor (mount a helical gearbox at the input end), diversified mounting structure for customer, such as AD,AM, shrink dish, splined hole and B14 flange. For more details, please feel free to contact us.

Inline Geared MotorInline Geared Motorcoaxial shaft motor reductorInline Geared Motor

Inline Geared Motor Technical data:

Ratio:     3.37~280.6

Power:    0.12~160KW

Torque: 110~15300N.m 

Input: 750-1800 rpm

coaxial shaft motor reductorInline Geared Motor

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