inline shaft helical gearmotor

RF87 helical inline gearmotor

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R Series inline shaft helical gearmotor 

1) Horizontal deviation of input shaft to output shaft is small, take full advantages of gearbox space, 2-stage gear and 3-stage gear is in the same box. 

2) Box of R series reducer is unitary, so its structure rigidity is good, strength of shaft and lifetime of bearing is improved. 

3) Mounting mode: Foot-mounted, flange-mounted, there are big flange and small flange so select easily. 

4) Solid output shaft, average efficiency: 2-stage 96%, 3-stage 94%, combination 85%. 

5) Ratio: Ratio of 2-stage is 5-2408, ratio of 3-stage is 27.2-192, ratio of combination is up to 23401. 

6) For 2-stage basic type geared, ratOtion direction of input shaft is the same that of output shaft; For 3-stage basic type geared, their directions are reverse;

7) RM is designed specially, can load larger axial and radial force.

inline shaft gear motor

inline shaft helical gearmotor Product features: 

1. R87 series helical inline shaft gear motor own rational design, compact construction,  smaller size than X or B series cycloidal gearmotor at the same permitted torque.

 2. Little vibration and low noise, with high transmission efficiency.

 3. The material of gears is 20CrMnTi alloy steel and the hardness can reach to HRC58°~ 62° after tempering, cementiting, quenching etc. heat treatment. All the gears are processed by accurate grinding and the precision can reach to grade 6~5.

4. The products have been mainly used in chemical machinery, cement agitator machinery, printing and packaging machinery,mine and power transmission machinery,metallurgy etc.

inline shaft helical gearmotorinline shaft gear motor

inline shaft gear motor General Features :

Our inline shaft gear motorS are manufactured with output ranging size 0.18 KW (0.25 HP) to 75 KW (100 HP) capacity & having RPM from 0.1 to 700 RPM. Units available in standard as well as 'Custom Built' in Horizontal foot & flange mounted type construction. Low RPM inline shaft helical gearmotor are also offered on request.

All parts  components are thoroughly inspected during & after manufacturing process. Quality grade materials procurement sturdiness, rigid enclosed & oil tight construction of  housing to withstand with the application in the working & for easy maintenance.

inline shaft helical gearmotorinline shaft gear motor

Our Helical inline shaft helical gearmotors are suitable for various application to meet requirement of different industries.

inline shaft helical gearmotorinline shaft gear motorinline shaft gear motorinline shaft helical gearmotor