inline shaft gearbox

R17 helical gearbox

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R17 series helical inline shaft gearboxes main features:

- Die-cast aluminum housings and motor flange;

- Cast iron foot and output flange;

- Ground gears (both 1st and 2nd stage);

- Long life lubrication;


R series helical gear reducers is designed based on modularization, which bring many difference kinds of combinations, mounting types, and structure designs.The detail classification of ratio can meet various of working condition .High Transmission efficiency ,Low energy consumption, superior performance . The hard tooth surface gear use the high quality alloy steel,  the process of carburizing and quenching, grinding ,which give it follow characters : Stable transmission , low noise and temperature, high loading ,long working lift . Wide application, specialize in Metallurgy, Sewage treatment, Chemical Industry, Pharmacy, Agriculture equipment and Oil industry.


1.  high strength, compact: the box body is made of high strength cast iron. Gear and gear shaft adapts the gas carbonization, quenching and fine grinding process, therefore the bearing capacity of unit volume is high.


2.  long service life: Under the condition of correct type chosen (including choosing suitable operation parameters) normal operation and maintenance, the life of main parts of speed reducer (except wearing parts) should not be less than 20000 hours. The wearing parts include lubricating oil, oil seal and bearing  

3.  Low noise:  because main parts of speed reducer are processed, assembled and tested critically, therefore the noise of speed reducer is low;


Housing material    HT2OO high-strength cast iron from F37,47,57,67,77,87                             Housing material     HT250 High strength cast iron from F97,127,157,167,187

Housing hardness HBS90-240

Gear material: 20CrMnTi

Surface hardnesss  of gear     HRC58°-62°

Gear core hardness   HRC33°-40°

Input/Output shaft material           40CrMnTi

Input/Output shaft hardness HBS241°-286°

Shaft at oil seal postion hardness HRC48 ° -55 °

Machining precision of gears  material Accurate grinding 6-5 grade

Heat treatment tempering, cementing, quenching etc

Efficiency 94%-96%

Noise(Max) 60-68dB

Tem.rise: 40°C

Tem.rise 50°C

Vibration ≤20um

Backlash ≤20Arcmin

Bearing brands NSK,HRB,C&U etc

Oil seal brands NAK, CTY,SKF etc


Motor IP55, F class

Motor shaft 40Cr, Tempering, cementing,quenching etc.