Integral gear motor

R167 helical coaxial gear motor

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R167 helical Integral gear motor is based on the unique modulation combination system, so it is convenient for them to fit all types of motors or to connect with other power input. The same type of reducer can fit motors with different power, so that its possible for different types of machines to combine or connect.

R167 helical Integral gear motors are novel transmission device and composed of Y series motor, helical gear, Glisten arc cone gear and warm gear. The gears are made of high wear-resisting alloy materials, specially treated and finely processed.

Integral gear motor

R167 helical Single-phase electric gearmotor can be single-stage or multi-stage with both mounting ways foot-mounted and flange-mounted. For high output speeds, the exclusively single-stage gear units offer compact solutions for your system design. As for the two-stage and three-stage, our complete range of helical Single-phase electric gearmotor provides the optimum size and power solution for every drive task.

Integral gear motorSingle-phase electric gearmotor

Advantages of R167 series helical Integral gear motor:

1. High technical contents.

2. Save space, durable, high bear ability.

3. Low consumption, superior performance, the machine efficiency is up to more than 95%.

4 .Small vibration, low noise, high energy conservation.

Integral gear motor

Integral gear motor Application fields

steel, chemical, oil, drink, food, electronic, process hides, pharmacy, and textile. 

They are widely used in various low-speed transmissions, which are general basic parts of mechanical transmission.

Single-phase electric gearmotorIntegral gear motorIntegral gear motorSingle-phase electric gearmotor

Single-phase electric gearmotor Technical data of geared motor:

1...Ratio range: 5-264

2. Input power: 0.18-160KW

3. Output speed: 0.09~832 r/min

4. Permit torque rang: ≤18000 N. M

5. Structure mode: Normal solid shaft, foot-mount, flange-mount, double shaft

Integral gear motorSingle-phase electric gearmotor