At the end of 2003, Bonfiglioli Group entered China formally, set up a wholly-owned subsidiary - Bonfiglioli Transmission Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Bonfiglioli offers the full range of products to customers in China: planetary gear reducer, helical gear motors, bevel gear motors, parallel shaft helical gear motors, worm - worm gear motors, DC motors, AC motors and variable frequency control system.

The China marketing headquarters is located in Shanghai's Lujiazui financial center , with other sales offices in seven cities together, constitute a nationwide marketing network, Bonfiglioli offers all of its product lines for the China market. The company pre-production is mainly assembly, all assembly, testing equipment are imported from abroad, all the components produced by the Group headquarters in Italy, all products are in strict accordance with the procedures and rules, Bonfiglioli assembly and testing to ensure the provision to market each products meet global quality standards consistent Bonfiglioli. Since its inception, Bonfiglioli China is in the rapid development momentum - from the original only to global customers China business to provide products, expanded to actively assist local customers develop to meet the Chinese market products and technologies; and by virtue of their superior technology long-term and successful experiences accumulated in foreign markets for local customers to go abroad, to develop the international market to provide professional advice and assistance.

Bonfiglioli reducer in China


2009 Bonfiglioli established the assembly base, a new area of twelve thousand square meters in Shanghai Qingpu Industrial Estate. All od factory production equipment and key spare parts are imported from Italy; processes and technical standards are consistent with headquarters to ensure that the China market products enjoy a unified global excellence. local assembly line established, not only we can respond quickly to customer's individual needs, but significantly shorten the delivery time. In addition, our pre-sales and after-sales service team, with its highly specialized skills experience and the spirit of service, provide technical advice and help solve problems on-site applications.