Working Principle:

The grille gum cleaning machine is assembled into a set of rotary grill chains by a unique caries factory. Driven by the XWED cycloidal double stage variator , the chain of teeth rotates in the direction of reverse water flow. When the crowbar chain runs to the upper part of the equipment, due to the guiding of the sheave and the curved rail, a relative self-cleaning motion is generated between each set of molars, and most of the solid matter falls by gravity. The other part relies on the reverse movement of the cleaner to clean the debris sticking to the molars. According to the direction of the water flow, the dent chain is similar to the grid, and the molar gap assembled on the dent chain can be selected according to the conditions of use. When the molars separate the solid suspension in the fluid, the flow of water can be ensured. The entire work process is continuous or intermittent.


The biggest advantage of this equipment with foot mounting cycloidal speed reducer is high degree of automation, high separation efficiency, low power consumption, no noise, good corrosion resistance, continuous and stable operation under unattended conditions, and overload safety protection device installed. When it stops, it will automatically stop, which can avoid overloading the XLE series planetary cycloidal speed gearbox. The device can adjust the running interval of the equipment according to the user's needs to achieve periodic operation; it can be automatically controlled according to the liquid level difference before and after the grille; and there is manual control function to facilitate maintenance. Users can choose according to different work needs.Due to the reasonable structural design of the device, when the single stage of bld cycloidal speed reducer is working, the device itself has a strong self-cleaning ability and does not cause clogging, so the daily maintenance workload is small.

cycloidal drive reducer
cycloidal drive reducer

Installation, commissioning and operation:

  1. The lifting machine must be hung with a wire rope to hang the top hole of the box or the lower eye ring.
  2. Installation position: The bottom foot of the grille must be level with the bottom surface, and the front end of the device with cycloidal drive reducer and the front end surface of the slot should be basically flush.
  3. Fill the anchor bolt with cement mortar. After the cement is completely solidified, tighten the nut.
  4. Before starting the machine with 8000 series cycloidal gear speed reducer, there should be no large stones such as large stones in the front part of the grille.

Application range:

  1. Feed the water inlet of the water plant to the water inlet.
  2. The water inlet of the cooling water of the power plant.
  3. Screening of raw wool scouring and washing back.
  4. Screening of debris in municipal pipe channels.
  5. Pre-screening of sewage treatment in cities and communities.
  6. Weaving and dyeing wastewater, chemical wastewater, slaughter wastewater, fur tanning wastewater, and pre-stage screening of papermaking wastewater treatment to prevent clogging of water pumps.
  7. Separation of waste residue from brewing, sugar extraction and bean food processing plants.
    cycloidal drive reducer
    cycloidal drive reducer

8, can be used as fruit, aquatic products, food processing technology in water washing or slag separation equipment.



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