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The darali cycloidal reducers is a novel transmission device that uses the planetary transmission principle and uses cycloidal pin gear meshing. The transmission of the darali cycloidal reducers can be divided into three parts: the input part, the deceleration part and the output part. A double eccentric sleeve with a 180° misalignment is mounted on the input shaft, and two roller bearings called a jib are mounted on the eccentric sleeve. The central hole forming the H mechanism and the two cycloidal wheels is an eccentric sleeved slewing bearing. a raceway, and the cycloidal wheel and the needle gear are engaged with a set of annularly arranged pin teeth to form an internal meshing speed reduction mechanism with a tooth difference of one tooth (in order to reduce friction, in a reducer with a small speed ratio) , the needle teeth have a pin sleeve).

It can achieve a high reduction ratio of 1:87 and a high-efficiency single-stage transmission of more than 90%. If multi-stage transmission is adopted, the reduction ratio is larger.

darali cycloidal reducers
darali cycloidal reducers

The darali cycloidal reducers

The first-stage transmission reduction ratio is 9~87, the double-stage transmission reduction ratio is 121~5133, the multi-stage combination can reach tens of thousands, and the pin-tooth meshing-type rolling friction, the meshing surface has no relative sliding, so the first-stage deceleration efficiency is up to 94%. Compact size and small size Due to the planetary transmission principle, the input shaft output shaft is on the same axis, making the model as small as possible. Smooth running noise Low cycloidal pin teeth have a large number of teeth, a large overlap coefficient and a mechanism for balancing the components, so that vibration and hum are limited to a minimum. In operation, the number of pairs of teeth that are in contact at the same time is large, the degree of coincidence is large, the operation is stable, the overload capability is strong, the vibration and noise are low, and the noise of various specifications of the model is small. Reliable use and long service life Because the main parts are made of bearing steel materials, high strength is obtained by quenching treatment (HRC58~62), and some transmission contacts adopt rolling friction, so the durability is long. Because the main part is made of bearing steel quenching treatment (HRC58-62), and then refined, and the cycloidal tooth and the toothed sleeve are meshed and transmitted to the needle teeth to form a rolling friction pair, the friction coefficient is small, so that the meshing area has no relative sliding. Extremely wear-resistant, so durable. The design is reasonable, the maintenance is convenient, the assembly is easy to disassemble, the minimum number of parts and the simple lubrication make the cycloidal pinwheel reducer deeply trusted by users. Compared with other reducers of the same power, the weight is smaller than 1/3. Because it is a planetary transmission, the input shaft and the output shaft are on the same axis to obtain the smallest possible size.



The darali cycloidal reducers adopts the cycloidal pin gear meshing and planetary transmission principle, so it is also called the planetary darali cycloidal reducers. The planetary darali cycloidal reducers can be widely used in petroleum, environmental protection, chemical industry, cement, transportation, Textile, pharmaceutical, food, printing, lifting, mining, metallurgy, construction, power generation and other industries, as a drive or reducer, the machine is divided into horizontal, vertical, double-axis and direct-coupled assembly. Its unique smooth structure can replace ordinary cylindrical gear reducer and worm gear reducer in many cases. Therefore, planetary cycloidal reducer is widely used in various industries and fields, and is widely welcomed by users. [1]

darali cycloidal reducers
darali cycloidal reducers

Conditions of Using

  1. The darali cycloidal reducers is allowed to be used in the continuous working system, while allowing both forward and reverse directions. Some models of cycloidal reducers allow only one direction of rotation. 2. The rated speed of the input shaft is 1500 rpm. When the input power is greater than 18.5 kW, it is recommended to use a 6-pole motor with 960 rpm. 3. The working position of the horizontally mounted darali cycloidal reducers is horizontal. The maximum horizontal tilt angle during installation is typically less than 15°. Other measures should be taken to ensure adequate lubrication and prevent oil leakage when it exceeds 15°. 4. The output shaft of the cycloid reducer cannot be subjected to large axial and radial forces. Other measures must be taken when there are large axial and radial forces. [1]

Lubricating way

  1. The horizontal darali cycloidal reducers is lubricated under normal conditions by oil pool. The height of the oil surface can be kept in the middle of the oil window. When the working conditions are bad, the ambient temperature is high temperature. 2. The darali cycloidal reducers is generally lubricated with 40# or 50# mechanical oil at normal temperature. In order to improve the performance of the reducer and extend the service life of the cycloid reducer, it is recommended to use 70# or 90# extreme pressure gears. Oil, oil should also be reconsidered when working under high and low temperature conditions. 3. The vertical installation of the darali cycloidal reducers should strictly prevent the oil pump from breaking oil to avoid damage to the components of the reducer. 4. When refueling, you can rotate the vent cap on the upper part of the base to refuel. When draining oil, screw the oil drain plug on the lower part of the base to release the oil. The reducer is internally oil-free. 5, the first refueling operation for 100 hours should be replaced with new oil, (and the internal sewage is washed clean) and then continue to work, replaced every six months (8-hour work system), if the working conditions are bad, the oil change time can be shortened appropriately, Practice has proved that the frequent cleaning and oil change of the reducer (such as 3-6 months) plays an important role in extending the service life of the reducer. Lubricating oil should be replenished frequently during use. 6, the factory's reducer has been greased, replaced every six months. The grease is made of aluminum disulfide-2# or 2L-2# lithium base grease. [1]


  1. When the coupling of the coupling, pulley, sprocket, etc. is added to the output shaft of the darali cycloidal reducers the direct slamming method is not allowed, because the output shaft structure of the reducer cannot bear the axial slamming force. The shaft end screw hole can be screwed into the coupling member. 2. The shaft diameter of the output shaft and the input shaft is matched with GB1568-79. 3. The lifting eye screw on the darali cycloidal reducers is only used for lifting the reducer. 4. When installing the reducer on the basis, calibrate the installation centerline elevation of the reducer, the level and the relevant dimensions of the connected parts. The concentricity of the calibration drive shaft should not exceed the range allowed by the coupling. 5. When the speed reducer is calibrated, it can be carried out with steel blocks or cast iron blocks. The height of the blocks should not exceed three, and it can also be carried out with the iron. However, after the darali cycloidal reducers is calibrated, it should be replaced with flat blocks. 6. The arrangement of the blocks should avoid the deformation of the body. It should be arranged symmetrically on both sides of the foundation bolts. The mutual distance can be enough to allow the water slurry to flow freely during irrigation. 7. The irrigation of cement slurry should be dense, and there should be no air bubbles, voids and other defects. [1]