American Falk company (FALK) is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, founded in 1893, it is America's largest power transmission manufacturers, products include: different types of gear reducer; various types of couplings; hydraulic coupling device; marine power systems;; backstop according to customer requirements and design of large-scale power transmission open gear. May 2005 USA Rexnord Industrial Group acquisition of American Falk company.

FALK main products: Gear reducer, gear boxes.

FALK reducer is mainly used in industrial production, safety engineering, environmental engineering, such as: rubber and plastics industry, chemical industry, iron and steel metallurgy, energy, garage, water treatment, road construction, mining, cement industry and other industries.

Suitable for any application reducer

Modular design

falk industrial gear boxfalk speed reducer

The number of parts is less than 60% of conventional design, reducing costs by up to 30%

A smaller number of parts and a variety of models using common parts, reducing parts inventory up to 75%

The only available gearbox six-sided installation

Unique concept designed for heavy working conditions (Heavy Duty) Design

Modular combination, derived for different application needs

Large Gearbox

2005 production and assembly in China

Output torque: Up 95000Nm

Power: up to 360Kw

falk gearbox in Chinafalk gear reducer