types of gearboxModel description, H, B types of gearbox high power reducer

HB series standard industrial gearbox features:

  1. H, B types of gearbox high-power gear reducer adopts universal design scheme, which can be changed into industry-specific gearbox according to customer requirements.
  2. Realize parallel shaft, orthogonal shaft, vertical and horizontal universal box, reduce the number of parts and components, and increase the number of specifications.
  3. Adopting the structure of the suction box body, large cabinet surface area and large fan, cylindrical gear and spiral bevel gear adopt advanced grinding process to improve the temperature rise, noise reduction and reliability of the whole machine. The power is increased.
  4. Types of gearbox Input method: motor coupling flange, shaft input.
  5. Output mode: solid shaft with flat key, hollow shaft with flat key, hollow shaft with expansion disc, hollow shaft with spline joint, solid shaft with spline joint and solid shaft with flange joint.
  6. Installation method: horizontal, vertical, swing base type, torsion arm type.

    types of gearbox


H, B types of gearbox products have 3 to 26 specifications, the number of reduction transmission stages is 1 to 4, and the speed ratio is 1.25 to 450; and the combination of R, K and S series of our factory has a larger speed ratio.


  1. Technical Parameters:
  2. Speed ratio range 1.25-450
  3. Torque range 2.6-900kN
  4. Power range 4-5000kW

 types of gearbox

  1. Symbol Description

ED = hourly duty cycle, expressed as a percentage, such as ED=60%/h

Fl = driven device factor (Table 1)

F2= prime mover coefficient

F3=bee plant torque coefficient

F4, f5 = ambient temperature coefficient (Tables 2, 3)

F6, f7 altitude coefficient (4, 5)

F8=Gearbox oil supply coefficient (Table 6)

F9, f10, f11, f12 = heat capacity coefficient (Tables 7, 8, 9, 10)

A1 two model coefficients (Table 11)

A2=speed ratio power (Table 12)

P1 = input power

PG1 = gearbox heat capacity without auxiliary cooling release

PG2=The heat capacity of the gearbox with cooling fan unit

PG3 = gearbox heat capacity with built-in cooling coil

PGI = gearbox heat capacity with internal release cooling coil and fan


四.Basic model:

H1SH3 H1SH5 H1SH7 H1SH9 H1SH11 H1SH13 H1SH15 H1SH17 H1SH19

H2SH4 H2SH5 H2SH6 H2SH7 H2SH8 H2SH9 H2SH10 H2SH11 H2SH12 H2SH13 H2SH14 H2SH15

H2SH16 H2SH17 H2SH18 H2SH19 H2SH20

H3SH5 H3SH6 H3SH7 H3SH8 H3SH9 H3SH10 H3SH11 H3SH12 H3SH13 H3SH14 H3SH15

H3SH16 H3SH17 H3SH18 H3SH19 H3SH20

H4SH7 H4SH8 H4SH9 H4SH10 H4SH11 H4SH12 H4SH13 H4SH14 H4SH15 H4SH16 H4SH17

H4SH18 H4SH19 H4SH20

B2SH4 B2SH5 B2SH6 B2SH7 B2SH8 B2SH9 B2B2SH10 B2SH11 B2SH12 B2SH13 B2SH14 B2SH15

B2SH16 B2SH17 B2SH18

B3SH4 B3SH5 B3SH6 B3SH7 B3SH8 B3SH9 B3SH10 B3SH11 B3SH12 B3SH13 B3SH14 B3SH15

B3SH16 B3SH17 B3SH18 B3SH19 B3SH20

B4SH5 B4SH6 B4SH7 B4SH8 B4SH9 B4SH10 B4SH11 B4SH12 B4SH13 B4SH14 B4SH15 B4SH16

B4SH17 B4SH18 B4SH19 B4SH20


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