We learned from Tailong Group a few days ago, the group Science and technology personnel, through technological innovation, vigorously implement the reducer raw materials, technology and innovation and transformation infrastructure components, using a number of advanced technology for the upgrading of traditional gear device.

Technological gearbox

It is reported that the reducer is the key role of role between the device and the mechanical power equipment manufacturing equipment, is used to transmit the rotational speed of the torch and the important equipment, the equipment in the field with a "skillfully deflected the question," 

tailong gear motorTechnological gear reducer

In order to meet diversified needs of the manufacturing cycle, parts systematic development of researchers in the domestic industry in the first use PRO / E three-dimensional design software and CAPP process design procedure for the star wheel, modular, PS facing Central, point line meshing international advanced technology and other innovative gear developed more than 50 new products, including those applicable to the loader, conveyors, excavators and other construction machinery sectors of the high-torque gear box; for large brick and cement mill application of large gear boxes and other fields have a wide application in the national economy on the basis of the transmission equipment.

Technological tailong geartailong cycloidal gear motor

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