Rexroth GFB series hydrostatic rotary gear can be used for cranes, excavators, tower cranes , ship unloading equipment , forestry equipment, and other needs rotationally driven equipment, gear torque range 12700N.M ~ 290000N.M, the product through modular design , use of two or three planetary gear structure , built multi-disc parking brake , particularly compact , space-saving , easy to install , the product hardened gears , internal gears after nitriding treatment , with very good carrying capacity and reliability . At the same time we can according to the special requirements of the drive to find the best solutions for customers in the design phase , providing a variety of sizes or turning device performance suitable working conditions . Welcome customers to contact with our company, we wholeheartedly at your service !

Rexroth gearbox planetary

GFT series Travelling gear design is based on many years of experience based on the development , by the oblique axis hydraulic motors, multi-plate brake , planetary gear and its valve function blocks. The product is a crawler or wheeled drive vehicles and other mobile devices over the drive , in addition, the product's installation dimensions and main technical parameters and the German Rexroth similar products , it can replace imported products.


v Features :

Compact v 1, structure, saving Level 2 or Level 3 in the form of spatial structure of planetary transmission ;

v 2, robust bearing structure can withstand high axial and radial forces ;

v 3, installation is simple, easy oil changes ;

v 4, built-in multi-disc parking brake , low noise operation

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