TheSilo Storage Stirrer mixer is a continuous discharge type mortar mixer which is developed and manufactured according to domestic and foreign technical and practical working conditions. It adopts anti-separation mortar storage tank and drum mixer continuously. Sexual closure and fusion, the mortar directly enters the mixing tank water pump through the guide butterfly valve to automatically add water, the mixing drum rotates forward and rotates, reverses the discharge, and the inspection chamber at the rear of the mixing cylinder with oem & odm industry helical gear reducer can check the mixing condition of the mortar at any time, which is a popular way to mix.

solid shaft input Iron geared motor
solid shaft input Iron geared motor

The machine has advanced performance and adopts modular structure design, and parts can be interchanged with WAM. It has the characteristics of quick and even mixing, low energy consumption, simple operation, convenient maintenance and maintenance, and no washing and washing. Suitable for on-site mixing of dry mixed mortar with a particle size of less than or equal to 5mm. It can be satisfied with masonry, plastering, ground mortar, special mortar, self-leveling mortar and tile paste. Compared with the traditional method, the efficiency is greatly improved.

The machine is composed of electric motor, for sale twin screw reducer gearbox, feeding system, mixing drum, stirring water supply system and electronic control system.

The standard shaft mounted gear drive that can be used in the silo mixer is the solid shaft input Iron geared motor, which is designed for agitation and can carry large axial and radial forces.

solid shaft input Iron geared motor
solid shaft input Iron geared motor
  1. Features: small offset output, compact structure, maximum use of box space, the use of integral casting box, good rigidity, can improve the strength of the shaft and bearing life.
  2. 3 phase 1 hp low rpm ac gear motor installation type and output mode: bottom seat type and size flange type installation, solid shaft output.
  3. Input mode: direct connection motor, shaft input and coupling flange input.
  4. Reduction ratio: 2~24.8 for the second level, 27.2~264 for the third level, and 18125 for the R/R combination.
  5. The average efficiency of the RF flange electric motor gearbox: 96% for the second level, 94% for the third level, and 85% for the R/R combination.

The machine is directly installed at the lower end of the storage tank and can be combined with the mortar pump and screw conveyor variable frequency geared motor to meet the on-site construction requirements of different conditions.


  1. The mortar is evenly stirred, without blocking the material, and less wear.

The mixing technology of the drum mixing and the internal material mixing structure increase the number of mixing blades and the effective stroke of the mixing. The mortar mixing is more uniform, which is a mature mixing technology commonly used in construction sites.

  1. High wear resistance and long service life.

The mixing blade position of the equipment is all cast by high-strength wear-resistant steel, and the mixing blade can be replaced before and after, so that it has the characteristics of high wear resistance and long service life.

  1. High mixing efficiency and fast discharging speed.

This product can stir 300 liters of mortar per tank (refer to the mortar after compaction). When the mixing drum rotates, the internal mixing blades make the mortar up and down, and the shaft is fully mixed. After stirring for 30-45 seconds, the homogenous mortar can be obtained. The output per hour can reach 10-14 cubic meters, meeting the construction requirements of the construction site.




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