Planetary Gearbox is a mechanism that can rotate multiple Planetary gears around a sun wheel. It is also a mechanism that reduces the transmission speed ratio while increasing the torque of the motor Planetary gearbox manufacturers in satara in proportion.

Features: compared with similar ordinary gear box, it has smooth transmission, large bearing capacity, small space and large transmission ratio, especially life.If the gear is steel, its life can reach 1000Y, small size, Planetary gearbox manufacturers in satara beautiful appearance.

The Planetary gearbox manufacturers in satara

Application: planetary gear box, widely used, initially used with motor, in addition to micro reducer motor, also used in shading industry office automation, intelligent home, production automation, medical equipment, financial machinery, Planetary gearbox manufacturers in satara game consoles and other fields.Such as automatic curtain, intelligent toilet, lifting system, cash counting machine, advertising light box and so on industry.

Planetary gear box on the market at present basically has 16 mm in diameter, 22 mm, 28 mm. 32 mm, 36 mm, 42 mm, with motor, its function can achieve load moment: 50 kg 1-30 w load speed: 3-2000 RPM

Edit transmission ratio calculation

Planetary reducer: level 1: I =(number of internal gears/number of solar teeth)+1

The Planetary gearbox manufacturers in satara


Planetary gear box is an important component Planetary gearbox manufacturers in satara widely used in mechanical transmission. When a pair of gear meshes, due to the inevitable error of tooth pitch and tooth shape, meshing impact will occur in the operation process and the noise corresponding to gear meshing frequency will occur.Because gear is the basic part of gearbox transmission, it is necessary to reduce the noise Planetary gearbox manufacturers in satara of gear box.Generally speaking, the causes of gear system noise mainly include the following aspects:

1. Gear design.Improper Planetary gearbox manufacturers in satara parameter selection, excessively small overlap, improper or no modification of tooth profile, unreasonable structure of gear box, etc.In the aspect of gear machining, the error of base pitch and tooth shape is too large, the gap of tooth side is too large, and the surface roughness is too large.

The Planetary gearbox manufacturers in satara

2. Gear train and gear box.Eccentric assembly, low contact precision, poor parallelism of shaft, Planetary gearbox manufacturers in satara insufficient stiffness of shaft, bearing and support, low rotary precision of bearing and improper clearance, etc.

3. Input torque in other aspects.Fluctuation of load torque, torsional vibration of shafting, balance of motor and other driving pair, etc.

Planetary gear drive smooth, low noise, high torque. The output force can reach more than 800 kg, very suitable for the need to push the tool products. Planetary gear can be designed from one to more than one stage, Planetary gearbox manufacturers in satara to meet the needs of customers. The transmission ratio can reach 5630, the output power can reach 76 kw. Size 100*80*50mm.

The Planetary gearbox manufacturers in satara

15 years of professional experience in design and manufacture of silent gearbox, Planetary gearbox manufacturers in satara small modulus plastic noiseless gearbox design and manufacturing experts. 

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