1. VF is a type of worm gear reducer, VF is an aluminum shell reducer.Some VF reducers have single flange input, some with flange output or two-axis output.


  1. VF90 worm gear reducer, NER GROUP LIMITEDVF90 reducer has light weight and the shell is made of aluminum alloy. It has light weight, superior strength, beautiful appearance, high heat dissipation performance, long service life, no noise and so on. It is easy to connect with motor.
    VF90 worm gear reducer
    VF90 worm gear reducer


  1. VF90 worm gear reduceris a more practical transmission equipment, and its design and its integrated body are more in line with the needs of the public than other types of reducer.


  1. Although the VF90 worm gear reducerhas only emerged in recent years, its use and popularity are even superior to other types of reducers. It is a more practical reducer and more domestic. The integration of advanced technology.

The VF90 worm gear reducer is extremely convenient to connect with ordinary motors, continuously variable transmissions, and flanged electromagnetic clutch brakes. It does not require a coupling to connect. It can be installed in all directions, and the output torque is also relatively large, and the work is fairly stable.

VF90 worm gear reducer
VF90 worm gear reducer


  1. VF90 worm gear reducer use environment is lower than -30 °C or higher than 60-30 °C, oil seal must be replaced with special material; the motor matched with VF reducer must be suitable for working in low temperature environment, and the power of the motor must meet the low temperature start Torque requirement.


  1. When using the VF reducer in the first pass, change the lubricating oil after 150-400 hours of operation, and the cycle of the subsequent oil change reducer is less than or equal to 4000 hours; regularly check the amount and quality of the oil, retain enough lubricating oil, and replace it in time. Mix in impurities or deteriorated oil. The operating factor of the VF reducer depends on the actual operating environment. When selecting the appropriate service factor, factors such as the nature of the load at the output, the time of daily operation, and the frequency of starting must be considered.


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