Planetary reducers

Planetary gearboxes

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Planetary reducers Brief introduction:

Slim Planetary gearbox is standardized gear unit solutions for higher power rating ranges in the proven FLENDER quality. With 27 sizes and seven basic types Planetary reducers ensures torque ranges of up to 2,600,000 Nm and transmission ratios of 4,000:1. And Planetary reducers widely used for industry equipment of metallurgy,Building Material , Chemical , Mining , Oil, Transportation , Papermaking , Sugar making , engineering Machines ,etc

Slim Planetary gearbox Technical data:

1. Ratio range: 3.15-9000

2. Input power: 0.25-55KW

3. Permit torque rang: ≤ 800000N. M

4. Output speed: 0.425-445 r/min

5. Structure mode: Possibility of flange, foot, or shaft mounting solutions


Planetary reducers

Planetary reducers Characteristic:

1. Wide and comprehensive range of N series for industrial applications

2. Low speed shaft design: Cylindrical with key, splined, hollow with shrink disc or splined hollow shaft

3. Rigid and precise nodular cast iron casing

4. Low noise running, high manufacturing quality standard

5. High and reliable performance, load capacity and low speed shaft bearing

Slim Planetary gearboxPlanetary reducers

Slim Planetary gearbox Material Construction

1. Graded Cast Iron Housing

2. High tensile Steel Shafts

3. High Tensile Alloy Steel Gears

4. Carbon Steel Planet Carriers

Slim Planetary gearboxPlanetary reducers

Planetary reducers structrure

GX2N---2 stage planetary gear units;

GX2L---Vertical shafts,2 stage planetary gear units;

GX2S---Parallel shafts,2 stage plantary gear units;

GX2K---Bevel-helical,2 stage planetary gear units;

GX3N---3 stage planetary gear units;

GX3S---Parallel shafts,3 stage planetary gear units;

GX3K---Bevel helical,3 stages planetary gear units;

Slim Planetary gearboxPlanetary reducersSlim Planetary gearboxPlanetary reducers

Advantage of Slim Planetary gearbox:

1.Planetary reducers is compact structure, small volume, light weight, convenient installation.

2.Slim Planetary gearbox is smooth running, low noise, planetary transmission torque, with branch with the gear axis fixed speed also compared, circumference is reduced. To make each planet turned load equilibrium, the reliability of the floating institutions can reduce vibration and noise.

3.Planetary reducers has long life: the main parts adopt high quality alloy by conditioning, quenching or nitriding process. Can greatly improve the mechanical properties and wear resistance, therefore, reasonable use in normal conditions, with long life, high reliability.

Slim Planetary gearboxPlanetary reducers