High torque gear unit

Types of ZSY630 gearboxes

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Product Description

ZSY Series Cylindrical Gear Reducer large torque gearbox

ZSY Reduction Gear Box technical data

1. Size: 80~800

2. Ratio: 1.25~500

Reduction Gear Box

3. The rotation speed of high speed shaft: no more than 1500rpm.

4.The circumferential velocity of gear: no more than 20m/s.

5. Ambient temperature: -40~45ºC. Lubricant should be heated up to 0ºC before starting if the ambient temperature is below 0ºC

6. Direction: clockwise and un-clockwise

large torque gearboxReduction Gear Box

ZSY Gear Reducer large torque gearbox Features 

1.High in transmission efficiency: single stage, more than 96.5%; double-stage, more than 93%; three-stage, more 90%;

2.Smooth and stable in run, low noise;

3.Compact, light, long life, high bearing capacity;

4.Easy to disassemble, inspect and assemble.

large torque gearboxReduction Gear Boxlarge torque gearboxReduction Gear Box

Reduction Gear Box Main parts quality situation introduction:

1. Gear and gear shaft: Material 20CrMnMo ( or 20CrMnTi), carburizing and quenching.Rockwell hardness HRC58-62, shot peening, high fatigue strength, surface hardness HRC58-62,inner up to HRC30-35.Germany Niles CNC forming grinding machine ZP20,ZE1200,ZE1000,ZE800,ZE400 grinding, gear precision no less than 6 grade( GB10095).

2. Housing:Material HT200, OKUMA machining center, Japan Mitutoyo coordinate measure instrument detection to ensure the accuracy of the housing dimensions and geometrical accuracy.

3. Output shaft: 42CrMn or 40Cr.Quenching and tempered treatment, brinell hardness HBS241-286.

4. Bearing: China brand HRB,ZWZ,LYC for normal condition.Adopt SKF,FAG,NSK brand if customer have special requirement.

5. Oil seal: Taiwan SOG, Taiwan CTY

6. Lubrication oil:Europe and America products.Such as BP synthetic oil, EnersynSG-XP320/220,  suitable for 200 degrees high temperature environment.Or China brand which resistant to more than 250 degrees ultra high temperature lubrication oil.

7. Screw strength grade no less than 8.8.

large torque gearboxReduction Gear Box

ZSY large torque gearbox Aplication fields

widely used in various low-speed transmissions,which are general basic parts of mechanical transmission.Such as metallurgy, mines, hoisting, transportation, cement, architecture, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, etc.

Reduction Gear Box


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