helical worm gear unit

S77 helical worm gear motors

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Right angle worm drive gearmotor Description

Besides the routine characteristics, S Series right angle worm drive gearmotor adopts the helical gear-worm wheel type to make the structure more reasonable. The series not only has higher transmission efficiency and loading capability than those of single-stage worm wheel transmission, but also reduces space. Moreover, under the close volume, the series can obtain higher transmission ratio and is more favorable for equipment setting. The product can be combined with various helical worm gear unit to meet the different requirements.

right angle worm drive gearmotorhelical worm gear unit

helical worm gear unit Application

1. High-speed shaft speed is less than 1500r/min

2. The gear is not greater than the peripheral speed of 20m/sec

3. The temperature is -40~45,if less than 0,before the start of oil should be preheated to above 0, this gear can be used for both directions running. 

Feature of helical worm gear unit

1. Same dimensions as SEW's. 

2. Mounted type:Foot-mounted or flange-mounted, B5 or B14 Flange-mounted, Torque arm mounted.

3.Output type:Solid-shaft output, hollow-shaft output , Hollow shaft with shrink disk output, hollow shaft with involute spline output.

4. Through Carbonization, Quenching, Grinding technics With Niles, Okuma, Mitutoyo devices. 

5. Save space, durable, high bear ability. Accurate safety factor. 

6. Low consumption, superior performance, the machine efficiency is more than 94%. 

7. Small vibration, low noise, high energy conservation. 

8. ISO 9001 CE approved. 

right angle worm drive gearmotorright angle worm drive gearmotorhelical worm gear unitright angle worm drive gearmotor

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helical worm gear unit