Bonfiglioli gear drives

R147 inline helical gearbox

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Top torque density, product variety, extremely wide speed choice, great compactness and price effectiveness make the C series the unparalleled line gearbox and gear drives

Input Configurations IEC and NEMA motor Adaptors, Metric or Inch series Solid Output shaft.

Interchangeable to Bonfiglioli gear drives, which  has a range of Internal Epicyclic Servo Reducers that are extremely rugged and compact. They have fully machined housings in aluminum or steel and are supplied with ball bearings throughout. These unparalleled line gearbox have flexible motor mounting options and deliver output torques up to 380Nm. Ratios are available from 3:1 to 36:1

unparalleled line gearbox

1. R147 series unparalleled line gearbox own rational design, compact construction, smaller size than X or B series cycloidal gear drives at the same permitted torque.

2. Little vibration and low noise, with high transmission efficiency.

3. The products have been mainly used in chemical machinery, cement agitator machinery, printing and packaging machinery, mine and power transmission machinery, metallurgy etc.

Bonfiglioli gear drivesunparalleled line gearbox

Bonfiglioli gear drivesunparalleled line gearbox


1, R series unparalleled line gearbox with international technical requirements manufacturing, has the very high technology content

2, save a space, reliable and durable, bear overload ability, power can reach high 132KW;

3, low energy consumption, superior performance and reducer efficiency of over 95%;

4, little vibration, low noise, energy-saving high;

5, select high-quality forging steel materials, cast iron box, gear surface rigidity by high-frequency heat treatment;

6, precision machined, ensure shaft parallelism and positioning bearing requirements, form helical gear drives assembly equipped with various gear drives

Bonfiglioli gear drivesBonfiglioli gear drivesBonfiglioli gear drivesunparalleled line gearbox

input power range 0.12-160Kw
ratio  range 1.3-22482
Output torque range   up to 18000 Nm