Vertical Mill Drives

Types of DCY gearboxes

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1.Industry gearbox technical data:

1.1,output torque:4144-239765(N.m)

1.2,rated power:23-1850(kw)

1.3,input speed:≤1500 (rpm)

1.4,output speed:15-188(rpm)

1.5,transmission ratio:≥8-50


1.7,Model no.:DCY160,DCY180,DCY200,DCY224,DCY250,DCY280,DCY315,DCY355,DCY400, 


industry gearboxVertical Mill Drives

2.Vertical Mill Drives Usage

Cone/Cylindrical gear speed reducer industry gearbox (hereinafter briefly as reducer) is used in the driving device on the vertical direction of input and output shaft. Vertical Mill Drives is mainly used in belt conveyer and various transportation machineries, as well as used in drive gear of universal machinery in fields of coal, metallurgy, mine, chemical, building material, light industry and petroleum, etc.

Performance & characteristics High bearing capacity, low noise, small volume, light weight, high efficiency, and long service life

Structure "The first drive of industry gearbox is Gleason spiral bevel gear, the second and third is involute cylindrical spiral gear.

Lubrication of Vertical Mill Drives: Generally, gear of reducer adopts splash lubrication and natural cooling. Only if the work balance temperature of reducer exceeds the set value and the load power exceeds thermal power P, circulating lubrication or sump lubrication with cooling tube is adopted."

industry gearboxVertical Mill Drives

3.industry gearbox Model

 Vertical Mill Drives consist of model, nominal center distance a (last grade center distance), nominal transmission ration, assembly model, and input shaft rotation direction code.

industry gearboxVertical Mill Drivesindustry gearboxVertical Mill Drives

4.Vertical Mill Drives Assembly type

According to the output shaft, industry gearbox can be classified into I, II, III, and IV four kinds. Type I and II are left and right output shafts; III and IV are left and right output shaft of removal brake.

industry gearboxVertical Mill Drives