Worm Helical Gear reducers

S57 helical worm gear motors

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Worm Helical Gear reducers Technology data: 

1. Ratio range: 7.18-14062

2. Input power: 0.18-11 KW

3. Permit torque rang: ≤ 1000 N. M

4. Output speed: 0.3~205 r/min

5. Structure: Foot-mounted, flange-mounted, shaft-mounted

Worm Helical Gear reducersWorm Geared Motor

Worm Helical Gear reducers Definition

1. Gearboxes and gears are precisely forged by high rigidity steel and high quality alloy-steel respectively. And they are hobbed and ground which bring lower noise and temperature rising.

2. Gears and shafts are carburizing hardened and quenched to HRC 55-62.

3. Gears and shafts used are the top brand in the domestic market. And we can import world famous brands, like SKF to custom design the products to meet our customer's special requirements.

4. Elegant appearence.

5. Long service life.

6. ISO 9001 and CE approved to ensure the quality.

Worm Helical Gear reducersWorm Geared MotorWorm Helical Gear reducersWorm Geared Motor

Worm Geared Motor Characteristic: 

1. Adopt optimized design, module combination, right angle output, space reduction

2. High strength and longevity gears

3. Reverse operation function, combinable with various motors, wider ratio range

4. Big output torque, smoothly startup, high efficiency

S series Worm Geared Motor have a new design and new concept of manufacture. The whole series products are made by modular system assembled and mechanical-electrical integration designed. All imaginable drive combinations up to electronic speed variable drives are possible. Lower mechanical noise, higher torque, higher efficiency, without leakage oil and various of mounting position.

Worm Helical Gear reducersWorm Geared Motor