worm helical gear motors

S47 helical worm gear motors

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S series worm helical gear motors are helical/helical-worm combinations, so they are more efficient than normal Worm Helical Gear Drives. Due to Their outstanding efficiency, our gear box can be used in every industry and tailored to individual torque and speed requirements. The reduction ratios afforded by the helical-worm gear stag and the low noise levels during operation make these gear motors ideal low-cost solutions for simple applications.

worm helical gear motorsWorm Helical Gear Drives

Right Angled Worm Helical Gear Drives Series S47 , right angle Worm Helical Gear Drives and reducers provide a highly efficient and compact solution to meet most requirements up to 45 kw with maximum output torque capacity of 10,000 Nm. Units are available with ratios coverage of 8:1 to 250:1 in double reduction.

The Cost-effective Angular worm helical gear motors are the favorably-priced solution for drives with angular geared motors. The efficiency is significantly better than that of pure worm geared motors due to the implementation as Worm Helical Gear Drives.

worm helical gear motorsWorm Helical Gear Drives

Worm Helical Gear Drives Features

Worm helical geared motor is characterized by compact structure, light weight, large torque and excellent performance. Prompt delivery within short time. It is made of rib-reinforced rigid case and premium alloy-steel gear which is hardened by carbon penetration and grinded precisely. Stable in running, low noise, large in load, low in consumption, efficient in transmission, low in temperature rise, and long in service life. The mounting styles are footing, flange, torque arm and so on. The output style are shaft, hollow shaft, the alpine and shrink disc are for choice. 

Place  of  Origin Jiangsu,   China  (Mainland)
Brand  Name NER
Model  Number S series
Gearing  Arrangement Worm
Output  Torque 10~4890nm
Rated  Power 0.12~22kw
Input  Speed 0~1500
Output  Speed 0.12~397rpm

Worm Helical Gear Drives Applications

Conveyors, Cranes and Hoists, Elevators, Escalators, Fans, Gates, Irrigators, Machinery, Mixers, Packaging Equipment, Pools, Specialty Trucks and Vehicles, Wind Turbines, X-Ray Equipment, Airports, Boats and Yachts, Energy Installations (Deserts, Wind Farms), Foundries, Off-shore Oil Rigs, Mining Sites, Factories, Supermarkets, Refineries, Ports, Railways, Farms

worm helical gear motorsworm helical gear motorsWorm Helical Gear Drivesworm helical gear motors