worm wheel gearboxs

S97 Helical Worm Gear Head

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worm wheel gearboxs Specifications

S Series worm wheel gearbox is different from other worm gearbox. It may bear larger radial load and includes lubricating oil, oil seal and bearing Low noise. The packing of DP Gearbox is wooden box and the transportation of it is FOB, C&F, CIF. It has meet the ISO, CE, SGS standard and has good quality to obtain the perfect warrantyis. Therefore, it is widely exported to North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe.

worm wheel gearboxworm wheel gearboxs

worm wheel gearboxs Technical data:

1,output torque:90-4000(N.m)

2,rated power:0.18-22(kw)

3,input speed:≤1500 (rpm)

4,output speed:≤146(rpm)

5,transmission ratio:≥10.27


7,install form:M1-M6

8,Model no. :S/SA/SF/SAF/SH/SHF(37/47/57/67/77/87/97)

worm wheel gearboxworm wheel gearboxs

S series worm wheel gearboxs are available in the following designs:
(1) S Foot mounted worm wheel gearbox with solid shaft
(2) SA  worm wheel gearboxs with hollow shaft
(3) SAZ  Small flange mounted Helical worm wheel gearbox with hollow shaft
(4) SA (S,SF,SAF,SAZ)  Assemble users' motor or special motor, flange is required
(5) SF  Flange mounted worm wheel gearboxs with solid shaft
(6) SAF  Flange mounted worm wheel gearbox with hollow shaft
(7) SAT  Torque arm mounted worm wheel gearboxs with hollow shaft
(8) S (SF,SA,SAF,SAZ)   Shaft input worm wheel gearbox
(9) SA (S,SF,SAF,SAZ)R  Combined worm wheel gearboxs
(10) SA (S,SF,SAF,SAZ)S  Shaft input combined worm wheel gearbox

worm wheel gearboxworm wheel gearboxsworm wheel gearboxworm wheel gearboxs

Finally, we have skilled workers to control product quality in our lines and our excellent technicians can manufacture the samples according to your requirements. We wish to establish long-term business relationships with customers from around the world.

worm wheel gearboxworm wheel gearboxs