Geared motors and speed reducer used for belt conveyors

Belt (linear) of the conveyor is mainly for conveying the material. With a stainless steel mesh belt as a carrier for a variety of food industry, drying, dehumidification, refrigeration, etc., heat treatment; stainless steel, high temperature, easy to clean and so on; the specific size can be customized according to customer requirements.

Belt Conveyor Application sectors: food, metallurgy, electric power, coal, chemicals, building materials, docks, food and so on.

Belt structure forms: horizontal line transportation, upgrading transport climbing, cornering and other forms of transportation, but also added to enhance the conveyor belt bezel, side fences and other accessories, to meet process requirements.

Belt conveyor material: Yes A3 low carbon steel, 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel.

Driving Mode: helical worm and helical bevel gear motors.

Speed way: Frequency, infinitely variable.

1. Helical worm speed reducer with motor in belt conveyors.

S series helical worm geared motors have more sizes with a reduced variety of parts  Increased power capacity, lower noise and higher efficiency by grinding and modifying gear  The all-in-one box provides higher rigidity and higher vibration resistance.  More ratios satisfy the need of accurate output speed.  Reducers can be supplied for either horizontal or vertical installation in any angles.

1.Specification:  WS37~WS97, seven type totally.

2.Input Power:  0.12~22KW (Four-stage motor)

3.Output Torque:  10~4900N•m

4.Transmission ratio:  6.8~11267


5.Various ways of installation: foot mounting, input flange of B5. The foot amounting reducer has two machine-processed foot mounting surfaces. 

Belt Conveyor gearmotor

2. Helical bevel geared motors in belt conveyors.

K series bevel gear of right angle gearmotors

1.  Specification: 37~187 twelve type totally

2.  Power: 0.12~200KW

3.  Torque: 150~50000N•m

4.  Transmission Ratio: 5~195 

5.  By motor direct connection and shaft input, feet, flange and small flange etc., mounting form.

Belt Conveyor gearboxBelt Conveyor gear reducer