Electro-Magnetic Speed-Adjustable Motors

YCT electromagnetism speed regulation motor

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YCT Series Electromagnetic Motor


YCT series electromagnetic motor is an AC constant torque speed motor. It is formed by electromagnetic slip clutch, drive motor and tachometer generator composition, usually associated with JD, TXZ, CTK series controllers with a negative feedback system which has a speed of AC stepless drive that can adjust speed stable within a wide range. It is a new electromagnetic motor of unified design, has high efficiency, low noise, vibration, high reliability, appearance nice and so on. And meed the standard with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards. This series of electromagnetic motor is widely used in textile, printing and dyeing, food, chemicals, paper, cement, rubber, plastic, cable, metallurgy, mining and other fields on a variety of constant torque stepless speed control device, especially for torque decreasing fans, pumps and other occasions load by adjusting the speed to control the flow and pressure changes, in order to achieve significant energy savingsYCT motorelectromagnetism speed regulation motor

2.Main features:

A. High-precision of speed regulation.

(1)It was eliminated the periodic instability of the speed-adjustable motor by changing the axial magnet of the motor to be the constant magnetic claw plate radial magnet three-phase frequency generator.

electromagnetic speed motors

(2)The controller adopted the speed controller to achieve the purpose of automatic stabilizers speed manner, thereby increasing the rate of change of speed of the motor speed. There are precise controller and normal controller, Normal speed controller enables the rate of change within the rated speed range <2.5%, the precise controller enables precision speed change rate <1%. The maximum motor voltage is 90VDC.

electromagnets speed governing motorelectromagnetism governing-speed motorsadjusted running speed

B. Wide speed range, high efficiency,  remarkable energy saving.

Motor speed can adjust speed arbitrary within the rated speed range, no out of control zone, the speed range up to 10: 1,  the highest transfer efficiency at rated speed is increased due to the wide range of speed, generally up to about 86%, torque transmission efficiency factor up to 96%.

yct foot mounted motoryct flange mounted motoryct vertical mounted motoryct motor with speed controller

3. shipping and package

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