Gear motor specialized for car parking system

Product Features

Using the latest international technology, independent research and development design, mechanical and electrical integration of intelligent control. With safety and reliable performance, no vibration, low noise, fast brake fully enclosed brake motor, the built-in and built-out type dual-use manual release device,  large carrying capacity, maintenance free, easy to operate, hard tooth surface gear is made of high quality low carbon alloy steel, after carburizing and quenching treatment, through the whole manufacturing CNC precision grinding process, outside the body from corrosion, service life of  up to 30 years.

gear motor with brakecar parking system

Properties of product

1.Quick braking time is only 0.1-0.24 seconds.

2.Noise is only 50 db~65 db(A)(According to Type and Power)

3.Mechanical vibration<11μm

4.Service life up to 30 years.

Gear motor specialized for car parking systemGear motor for car parking system

Gear motor specialized for car parking systemGear motor specialized for car parking system

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