Industrial gearbox for Coal Scraper Conveyor Feeder

Bridge trough loader is in long wall face conveyor rolls from the groove between retractable belt conveyor reprint role of coal. Mainly used for high-yield, high efficiency integrated mechanized working face reproduced transport coal, with face conveyor, crusher, belt conveyor supporting the use of the loader head when used as car lap belt on the tail whole movement, so that the loader with the passage from the step face conveyor as a whole adjusted to avoid frequent moving trough belt conveyor tail, thus ensuring the normal work cycle.

 Scraper Conveyor Feeder gearbox

Coal Scraper Conveyor Feeder ancillary products: Conveyor flameproof three-phase asynchronous motor, hydraulic coupling, gearbox reducer, mining high-intensity ring chain, mining chain ring with a flat type connector, this package member must have the coal mine safety certification mark.Scraper Conveyor Feeder gear

Coal Scraper Conveyor Feeder components:

This machine is mainly organic head drive unit, chutes, scraper chain, floor central groove section, paragraph vacant central trough, capping plate, tail and other parts and transmission components.

Scraper Conveyor Feeder gear driveScraper Conveyor Feeder gear units

The gearboxes were specially designed for Coal Scraper Conveyor Feeder is a helical bevel gearbox with right angle shaft mounting.

A new generation of MS series Scraper Conveyor Feeder gearbox, has the following characteristics:

(1) all gear using high-performance high-quality low-carbon steel forging, carburizing grinding process, the gear accuracy is higher than the national standard six.

(2) cabinet design using high strength ductile iron material, so that the gear reducer has a higher impact resistance.

(3) selection of internationally well-known brand bearings, bearing a new combination of design, can effectively resist the impact of overload sudden starts and stops caused by the bearing. Floating seal structure

Scraper Conveyor Feeder speed reducerScraper Conveyor Feeder gear speed reducer

(4) new design, safety and reliability, significantly reducing oil spills.

(5) simple structure, symmetry for left and right drive, water-cooled with a safety valve.

(6) can be equipped with temperature sensors, oil level sensor. (7) from the gear unit can be configured to limit, overload impact damage to the overload clutch to protect the transport chain, and sprocket gear unit from Scraper Conveyor Feeder jammed due cause. After being subjected to such an impact, clutch slip, torque reduction, until the overload disappears. The Scraper Conveyor Feeder can continuously work efficiency is not affected. Clutch torque can be flexibly adjusted precisely to suit different working conditions.

(8) in a very inclined position lubrication safer, housing four weeks arc shape, material transport accessibility.

(9) The oil pump forced lubrication, solves the problem due to the operation angle is too large due to bearing lubrication and burn failure.

(10) a wide range of series, can completely replace imported products.

Scraper Conveyor Feeder gear reduction box