The gear speed reducers used in winch system

Winch is mainly used for lifting, drawing weight, for example, the installation of all kinds of large concrete, steel structure, mechanical equipment installation and elevator basket of construction. Its structure characteristics: the rate of frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, high and low-speed two-stage braking, easy to use, safe and reliable.

There are many gearboxes and gear motors used in winch application which are as following:

1. Helical bevel two stage gear motors K series

winch gear motor China manufacturerwnich-gearbox-gearmotors

2. Hollow shaft industrial gearboxes

Hollow shaft industrial gearboxesHollow shaft industrial gearbox

3. ZQ series soft teeth gear type industrial gearboxes

industrial gearboxesindustrial gearboxes

4. Planetary gear type speed reducer 

Planetary gearbox for winch