Unique Quality VF Series Aluminum Worm Gear Reducer Motors

  1. Brief Introduction

Aluminum Worm Gear Reducer Motors is a kind of worm gear reducer, VF is aluminum reducer. The main components are oil seal, oil plug, worm gear box, ball bearing, output shaft, worm gear, worm, output shaft, motor connecting disk (flange), output shaft cover, hexagonal socket head screw, double round key, gasket, etc. Some VF reducer with single flange input, some with flange output or double shaft output.


Aluminum Worm Gear Reducer Motors
Aluminum Worm Gear Reducer Motors
  1. Main Features

VF90 Aluminum Worm Gear Reducer Motors weight is relatively light, the shell is made of aluminum alloy casting, with light weight, superior strength, beautiful appearance, high heat dissipation performance, long service life, noiseless movement and other advantages, easy and simple connection with the motor. VF reducer is a kind of more practical transmission equipment, and in the appearance design and its product is more in line with the needs of the public than other types of reducer.

Aluminum alloy casting VF Aluminum Worm Gear Reducer Motors although only in recent years, but its use field and the popular degree is even more superior than other types of reducer, it is a practical are relatively high reducer, but also the fusion of advanced technology at home and abroad. VF reducer with ordinary motor, CVT, flange electromagnetic clutch brake group connection is very convenient, do not need coupling to link. Suitable for all - round installation, and the output torque is also relatively large, the work is quite stable.


  1. Primary Materials
  2. Body, die-cast aluminum alloy;
  3. Worm shaft, 20CrMoT steel, high temperature treatment;

3, worm gear Aluminum Worm Gear Reducer Motors, nickel bronze alloy;

4, aluminum alloy body, sandblasting and polishing and surface anti-corrosion treatment;

Cast iron body, painted with Ft250 RA5010.


  1. Conventional transmission ratio


1 to 7.5, 1 to 10,1 to 15,1 to 20,1 to 30,1 to 40,1 to 50,1 to 60,1 to 80,1 to 100(single stage, double stage plus)



  1. Application Area

VF series Aluminum Worm Gear Reducer Motors is widely used in VF series reducer, which is suitable for food, cooking machinery, printing machinery, woodworking machinery, small textile machinery, rubber machinery, small chemical machinery, plastic machinery and so on.


  1. Use items

VF90 Aluminum Worm Gear Reducer Motors using the environment below 30 ℃ to 30 ℃ or above 60 -, special material of oil seal must be replaced; The motor matched with the VF reducer must be suitable for working in low temperature environment, and the motor power must meet the torque requirements at low temperature starting;

Regularly check the quantity and quality of the oil, keep enough lubricating oil, and timely replace the oil mixed with impurities or spoiled. The operating coefficient of the VF Aluminum Worm Gear Reducer Motor depends on the actual operating environment. When selecting the appropriate service coefficient, factors such as the load nature at the output end, the daily running time, the frequency of starting and so on must be considered.



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