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  1. Thebrake electric electromotor has an artificial release mechanism and is widely used in various mechanical devices and transmissions that require fast stopping and accurate positioning.
    brake electric electromotor
    brake electric electromotor
  1. The DC disc brake of the brake electric electromotor is mounted on the end cap of the non-shaft end of the motor. When the brake motor is plugged into the power supply, the brakes also work. Due to the electromagnetic attraction, the electromagnet attracts the armature and compresses the spring, the brake disc is disengaged from the armature end cap, and the motor starts to run.


  1. The brake electric electromotoris a derivative system consisting of a DC electromagnetic brake between the rear end cover of the Y series (ip44) motor and the fan. The braking method is the power-off braking. The power level of the series of motors corresponds to the installation size. , installation size, installation type, insulation grade, use conditions, working mode, cooling method, rated voltage and rated frequency, etc.
    brake electric electromotor
    brake electric electromotor


  1. YEJ, YED series three-phase brake electric electromotorand YDEJ, YDED series variable pole multi-speed three-phase brake motor are composed of a DC electromagnetic brake between the front end cover of the Y series and YD series (IP44) motor and the fan. Derived products. And has international interchangeability.


  1. YEJ and YDEJ series brake electric electromotor adopt electromagnet power-off and spring-force braking mode, which are suitable for construction machinery and equipment such as elevators, transportation machinery and construction machinery that frequently start, brake and prevent sliding.


  1. The friction material of the brake will be worn after a long period of use, so that the air gap between the electromagnet core and the armature is increased and the working length of the spring is increased, so that the spring pressure is reduced and the braking torque is reduced.At the same time, the increase of air gap will increase the voltage of the armature pull-in. In severe cases, the armature will not be able to be sucked. Therefore, when using, the air gap should be checked frequently and adjusted regularly. The normal air gap should be between 0.3 and 1.0 mm.


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