Italy Brevini Group is ranking top in the global gear shift device and hydraulic transmission equipment and manufacturing, and its products are widely used in passenger cars, heavy trucks, port equipment, construction machinery, wind power equipment, etc. Such as in Italy, Germany, the United States has more than 10 the factory, with sales companies in Europe and many countries and regions in the Americas, Australia, Africa and Asia, Japan, Korea, India, Both of its products and technology are with an international reputation.

Brevini gearbox

In 2006, Brevini Group seeked to build factories in China, in comparison to more than 20 cities of choice, it is determined to Yancheng development. Just a few years, the Brevini Yancheng has invested in the construction of two factories. Following the opening of the second plant, Brevini Group signed the investment and construction of the third plant agreement with Yancheng Economic Development Zone.

 Brevini planetary reducer

Brevini Main products: industrial gearbox, walking gearbox, hoisting gearbox, slewing gearbox, PIV gearbox.

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