China manufacture Pv gearbox :

change the turning moment. Under the same power conditions, the faster the gear rotates, the smaller the torque the shaft receives, and vice versa.

Clutch function: We can separate the engine from the load by separating the two originally meshed gears. Such as brake clutches.

China manufacture Pv gearbox
China manufacture Pv gearbox

Allocate power. For example, we can use one engine to drive multiple slave shafts through the gearbox main shaft, thus realizing the function of one engine to drive multiple loads.


  1. Compared with other industrial gearboxes, because the wind turbine gearbox is installed in a small cabin that is several tens of meters or even more than one hundred meters high from the ground, its own volume and weight for the cabin, tower, foundation, unit wind load, installation and maintenance Costs and the like have an important impact, so it is important to reduce the size and weight.China manufacture Pv gearbox is very important.
    China manufacture Pv gearbox
    China manufacture Pv gearbox


  1. The overall design stage of China manufacture Pv gearbox should be based on the reliability and working life requirements, with the minimum volume and minimum weight as the target for comparison and optimization of the transmission scheme.


  1. The structural design of China manufacture Pv gearbox should meet the requirements of transmission power and space limitation. Try to consider the structure is simple, the operation is reliable, and the maintenance is convenient; the quality of the product should be ensured in every part of the manufacturing process; the operating state of the gearbox (bearing temperature, vibration, Real-time monitoring of oil temperature and quality changes, and routine maintenance according to specifications.


  1. China manufacture Pv gearbox series general industrial gearbox technical parameters:


  1. Speed ratio range 1.25-450


  1. Torque range 2.6-900kN


  1. Power range 4-5000kW



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