MB planetary friction type mechanical stepless speed changer

The MB series Stepless speed changer has been used in practice for many years and has proved to be unique in many series of continuously variable transmissions. Because of its design and structure, it is easy to operate and stable in transmission, so it is widely used in food machinery. In printing, papermaking machinery, rubber, plastic machinery, ceramic machinery, pharmaceutical machinery and various working production lines, where the process parameters are variable and the speed is continuously changing, it is also good to find the machine in the trial process of new products. The speed of work.

  1. The speed of the MB gearbox is high, and the speed regulation accuracy is 0.5-1 rpm, which is the leader of its kind.

     2, the height range of the large speed range Rb = 5.

  1. All transmission parts of this series of transmissions have undergone strict processing, precision machining, grinding, contact and lubrication performance, so the operation is stable, low noise and long service life.
  2. MB gearbox Stepless speed changer is characterized by the combination of various gear reducers, cycloid reducers, worm gear reducers and geared motors, which increases the output torque and achieves various differences. The low and high output speed of the occasion have good adaptability.
  3. The output torque and power of the MB transmission change with the change of the output rotation number, and have the mechanical characteristics of variable torque and variable power.
    Stepless speed changer
    Stepless speed changer


Technical Parameters:

     Power: 0.18KW ~ 7.5KW

     Torque: 1.5N·m~2062N·m

Speed range:

  1. Basic type: 200-1000r/min
  2. The gearbox has a first gear reduction (i=2.5-5): 40-200r/min
  3. The gearbox has two-stage gear reduction (i=7.1-25): 8-140r/min
  4. The gearbox has three-stage gear reduction (i=42-100): 2-23.5r/min


MB Stepless speed changer model:

     MB02, MB04, MB07, MB15, MB22, MB40, MB55, MB75

     MBL02, MBL04, MBL07, MBL15, MBL22, MBL40, MBL55, MBL75


If the continuously variable speed reducer is heated during use and the temperature is too high, in general, this may be a problem with the eccentric bearing and there is a malfunction. Of course, this is only a general situation. Other factors are also considered. For example, if the machine is newly bought, there may be unreasonable assembly, and there may be problems. Of course, this knowledge is the first reflection in the mind after the temperature of the Stepless speed changer is found, but this does not mean that the problem is from this reason. For the temperature problem of the continuously variable speed reducer, there may be another important factor to consider, that is, the problem of lubricating oil. If the gearbox lacks lubricating oil, it may cause the above problems. This requires going to the right medicine, according to local conditions.

Stepless speed changer
Stepless speed changer

   Of course, there are other reasons that need to be considered. If the continuously variable speed reducer is often overloaded, there is also the possibility of overheating. However, these factors require constant analysis and exclusion to find the most correct answer. The reason why the temperature of the continuously variable speed reducer is too high has been found, and then there is a solution. There are many solutions to the problem, but the most direct and simple, and the most reasonable one is the best method. This belongs to the Stepless speed changer. The basic theory of technology is not stated too much here.

   In short, for the problem of excessive temperature in the continuously variable speed reducer, first find out its cause, such as the above possibilities. If these reasons are eliminated, then look for other factors that may affect the temperature of the reducer. Then prescribe the right medicine, give a solution, and implement it. To do this, it is handy to deal with the failure of the reducer.


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