YGP Series Roller Track Frequency Control Electric Motor

YGP series roller track frequency control electric motor,a new generation of high-reliability roller motor for frequency conversion has the advantages of small size, light weight, good performance, reliable use and convenient maintenance. Its comprehensive technical indicators have reached the international advanced level of similar products. YGP series roller track frequency control electric motor is suitable for continuous or intermittent operation under severe conditions such as frequent braking, forward and reverse rotation, reverse braking, etc. It has large speed regulation range and overload capability, and has high machinery. The strength is a frequency conversion special motor for the roller conveyor of the metallurgical industry, and can also be used for other similar mechanical equipment.

YGP series roller track frequency control electric motor
YGP series roller track frequency control electric motor

  The rated voltage of YGP series roller track frequency control electric motor is 380V. It can determine the optimal value of YGP motor's rated frequency according to the actual required speed range. It has wide speed range, low vibration and low noise. It can be used with various frequency conversion devices at home and abroad. Matching. The frequency conversion range is from 0 to 120 Hz; the rated frequency is below constant torque speed regulation; above the rated frequency is constant power speed regulation. Suitable for V/F control, slip angle frequency control and vector control. When used for vector control, if the user needs parameters in the equivalent circuit as shown in Figure 1, our company can provide it separately, and this sample is no longer listed.

YGP series roller track frequency control electric motors insulation grade is F grade or H grade; protection grade IP54; installation structure type is B3 (frame size 112~400), B5 (frame size 112~250), B35 (frame size 112~250); The cooling method is IC410; the motor with frame number 200 and above has a non-stop oil filling structure, which can be used for oil injection without stopping the machine, which lengthens the maintenance cycle and improves work efficiency.

YGP series roller track frequency control electric motor
YGP series roller track frequency control electric motor

YGP series roller track frequency control electric motors installation and disassembly inspection motor Note:

  1. See the random documents and nameplate for the basic electrical performance parameters of the motor. The installation dimensions, motor main circuit and auxiliary equipment interface data can be seen in the motor outline drawing and the wiring indication diagram on the motor junction box cover.
  2. When the motor is immersed in paint and assembled, the insulating paint or dirt attached to the explosion-proof surface should be cleaned. It should not be scratched with hard objects such as iron sheets, but it can be ground with oil stone.
  3. The YGP series roller track frequency control electric motorshould be stored in a clean, dry place and covered (waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosive gas, etc.): If the storage place is cold, humid or subjected to severe temperature changes, the motor winding temperature should be kept higher than the ambient temperature. 5 ° C higher than to prevent condensation and moisture absorption.
  4. The motor foot surface must be placed on a steel gasket or backing plate. The top surface of the steel gasket or backing plate must form a horizontal plane with an elevation slightly lower than the maximum dimension from the centerline of the motor shaft to the maximum dimension of the foot surface. Before placing the underframe or bottom plate on the concrete foundation, the foundation should be The top surface is roughened and rinsed clean
  5. When disassembling the motor, first remove the hood and fan, then use the casing wrench to remove the bolts of the end cover and the bearing cover, and then use the log or copper rod to axially impact the shaft extension to separate the end cover from the base. Finally remove the rotor. Remove parts, the explosion-proof surface should be placed upside down, and covered with rubber or cloth pad, fastening bolts, spring pads, etc., do not lose.



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